All photos, Elyse Katz

It's really only been a few days since I've posted, but it feels like it's been ages. I've been behind on outfit posts, I've barely responded to comments, and I've hardly even had time to read my favorite blogs. Now that all of the people in my life who were visiting are gone, the wedding I was in has passed, and my birthday (I turned 20 yesterday!) is over, I can go back to relaxing. It was sad to say good-bye to two of my best friends and my brother, and especially hard to have my boyfriend leave after such a short trip, but it'll be nice to catch up on blogging and sleep.

I found this dress for a steal at $14 at the Orange County swap meet this summer and couldn't help but laugh when I noticed the exact same one in Spotted Moth for probably around $40 (it doesn't seem to be on the website). I suppose I can't feel too proud though, considering I still walked out with a purchase. I've only worn this dress twice since I got it; I wore it once to see Les Miserables at the Orange County Performing Arts Center and to the rehearsal dinner for my friend's wedding. 

The title of this actually comes from a series of conversations between me and my friends at the wedding. One of them commented on how these sunglasses are way too big for my face and I responded that I didn't care because I lost my Ray-Bans (I'm still grieving) and have really been wanting cat-eyes for awhile. What followed was an evening of our table making cat puns, most of which were shouted at random moments whenever they were thought up. I wear what I do purely to give my friends entertainment. 

If anyone hasn't noticed yet, I buy a disturbing amount of my accessories off of Ebay for extremely cheap from China and Japan. They're not all the best quality, but when you're paying $9 for a pair of shoes, you can't exactly complain. 

Another quality about me that my readers have probably noticed is my ability to ramble like no other. I find it impossible to write in small entries and tend to over-write everything. Yearbook signings in high school were brutal for me. 

Dress: O.C. Swap Meet
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes and bracelet: Ebay
Ring: Slow
clutch: Asos


  1. Ebay or no Ebay, you have some of the cutest accessories. Love that bracelet and it goes so well with that clutch!

  2. happy belated birthday! hope you had a good one :)


  3. Loving the little details on that dress in the pattern and in the straps. Cute shoes also!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)
    Wardrobe Quarry

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Happy Birthday!!
    And those shoes are adorable!


  5. What ever you were saying about posing being awkward, I think you have successfully jumped over that bridge, you look great! Xx Elly

  6. Great look, the accessories are amazing, really love that clutch!!

  7. What a fun look, I love the crocheted straps of the dress and the cute baby blue shoes. Your ring is such a statement piece. Ebay has great stuff, I've bought a bunch of bags off Ebay!

  8. Ok THOSE SHOES!! PLEASE tell me where on eBay you found them. I think I'm obsessed. $9? Really? Oh, and I love your clutch too.


  9. Nice outfit, I like your photos :)

  10. Love the outfit! $14 dollars that is awesome.

  11. oooh I love the snake son loves snakes and spiders and would love if I had a snake bracelet...ill have to keep my eye out for would make him so proud!!


  12. Ha I feel exactly the same way when I'm writing on my blog...and ditto on the yearbook signings! Always too much to say!

    perfectly priya

  13. The ones at the swap meet very likely "fell off a truck" - hence the disturbingly low price. Please don't fault local small businesses for trying to make a living - it's not their fault they compete with the prices of stolen goods - implying otherwise is just mean.