Things that caught my eye this week #3

Despite a pretty busy schedule this weekend, I have a few minutes for a post. I've been doing a "Things that caught my eye" post for the past two weeks, so I made sure to make some time for one today. One of my favorite blogs is Miss Moss and I try to emulate her keen eye and knack for introducing her readers to interesting finds in these. I can't imagine I'll ever quite make it up her level, but I'll do my best in the meantime.

I've been searching for the perfect tote to replace my bag that broke for school and I'm considering making a little splurge this time. Right I'm loving this one by Rib and Hull

And this dip-dyed one from Cocosheaven

T.I.L. Darling always has amazing deals, but the accessories they're offering today are some amazing prices, like this gold collar for $11 and these Pacman ghost earrings for $5. For those who haven't heard of T.I.L Darling, it's another membership-only flash sale site, but with some of the most incredible deals I've seen on one. They also have amazing customer service and loyalty, offering buyers loyalty points with every purchase that add up to store credit. If anyone would like a referral link, just leave me a comment and I'll send you one. This may or may not have to do with the fact that I get a $10 credit for every person I give a referral to...
I'd love to make a purchase from A-Thread soon, which not only has a gorgeous selection of clothes, but also donates 5% of each purchase to the non-profit organization of your choice

Oh, man, what I would do to have gone to Comic-Con this weekend. I was hoping to finally attend this year, but it ended up not working out, so instead I'll just rely on entertainment blogs to allow me to live vicariously through those who were lucky enough to be there. Though the weekend attracts more extravagant costumes than high fashion, I can't help but find myself looking through photos of some celebrity looks, none of which compare to Michelle Williams' Giuletta's dress

Lastly, there can't be many people who haven't heard about the Coveteur's ode to Clueless already, but scrolling through their examination of Cher Horowitz's closet is fun every time


  1. Might have to give you my reference points for that jewelry website...that stuff is gorgeous! Hey so I'm trying to do a little bloggy link-up something, info here:

    Basically, get your bf into an outfit post if you can! I think it'll be grand :)

  2. here's a better link, actually: boyfriend outfit post!

    would love to see what you come up with!!

  3. Thanks for sharing these finds- I'm totally discovering new places to shop! I adore that gold collar necklace and that price is such a steal! :)