Things that caught my eye this week #2

I apologize for the lack of outfit post last week due to wedding/bridesmaid craziness, but I'm hoping that will change this week. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite things from the internet this week:

This handmade watercolor pixel tee by Kertis

All of the clutches and prints from Coriumi

I've been wanting to get a delicate California necklace to wear while I'm in Illinois for a while now, and this one seems perfect

The Junebug dress from Spool No. 72 is sold out, but stunning

I've developed a bit of an obsession with Closet Visit

I know this is late, but I don't even care. I just got around to seeing Popomomo's Spring 2012 collection and it's wonderful

Lastly, I'm dying to figure out a day to make it to Gallery 1988 in L.A. Not that I make it to art galleries very often, but if I did, Gallery 1988 would by far be my favorite. With a new exhibit each month, the gallery features pop culture inspired art in a variety of mediums. I've been to two exhibits (a cult movie exhibit last summer and an Adult Swim exhibit in the winter), but this month has to be their best exhibit yet: Arrested Development. As a pop culture junkie, I'll write about movies and TV shows plenty on this blog, but it should be known that Arrested Development is far and away my favorite show of all time. Did I mention that the title of the exhibit is "There's Always Money in the Banana Stand"? Come on!


  1. coincidentally, just few days ago, i stumbled upon the coriumi clutches. how unique and interesting are they? i'm really intrigued by the designs. oh, and closet visit can become addicting.


  2. Popomomo's collection really is wonderful, thank you for introducing them to me! *_*

  3. Ahhh! So crazy how close we are! We shall be friends! Where do you go to school? In Illinois, I presume from what you wrote up there^ hahah I go to Fullerton College right now but I'm *hopefully* transferring to UCLA or UCI next year! I was suppose to go to CSUF but everyone goes there so I didn't want to be *stuck* there (you know how that is!) haha I'm jealous that you got to move away! I want to go to Portland or San Francisco. But I'll probably end up in DC. Anyways.....

    OKAY -- you HAVE to watch Downton Abbey. It's by far my favorite show that I've seeeeeen ah. I cried and smiled and laughed and just was full of JOY haha you should watch Sherlock!!!! Sherlock sherlock sherlock! It's amazing!

    Look at me! Now I've rambled on! But.....THAT EXHIBITION Of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT. Looks so awesome! I love art / galleries / museums / etc. And that California necklace <3___<3 Anyways can we plan an awesome blogger meet-up K, THXXXXXX

  4. Damn, times like these I wish I was in LA... That exhibition sounds amazing, loving your pics too, giving me some ideas for the weekend!

    Have a lovely day!

    Amazing Cathleen Jia giveaway on Daring Coco!

  5. That watercolor pixel tee is AH-mazing and I love the Spool 72 dress as well! Also, I have a California necklace that's very similar to the one you pictured (I'm also a CA native)- I picked it up from the Brooklyn Flea a couple of months ago :)

  6. Such pretty finds! And YES I do believe I will be purchasing one of those California necklaces as well (NorCal, but don't hate!) thanks for sharing that Elana!!

    perfectly priya

  7. PORTLAAAAND! me & my friends are planning a trip to portland in December and I'm so excited because I've never been! okay, let's e-mail! shoot me an e-mail at artfawn [at] :-) :-)

  8. Love that clutch and the junebug dress. So fun!


  9. So, I had never heard of Popomomo before (Obviously I am wayyy behind) and now I am in LOVE! Everything is so adorable! That striped romper is especially delicious! Thanks for sharing your wonderful finds!
    xo Hanna
    ps goodluck with the bridesmaids/ weddings stuff!