Things that caught my eye this week # 18

I can't get enough of vintage-inspired dresses this week (or ever) like this one from SHiliconfETTI

When it comes to Soho Made dresses, I have a hard time choosing a favorite

I have the same problem when it comes to Mrs. Pomeranz dresses 

These patterned tights from Zohara Tights are awesome

I think this floral cardigan would be a great way to liven up a fall wardrobe

I love this 1960's wool coat from Allen Company

This floral sailor blouse from Let's Backtrack is a must-have

Lastly, I think every man needs one of Fox & Brie's ties and bow ties


  1. Ooo I really want that floral cardigan, it is so pretty!

  2. You always introduce me to so many lovely new clothing lines!

  3. Fantastic picks, as always (how DO you find this stuff?) but I'd have to say my top picks are the second floral-y dress from Soho Made for her, and a necktie for HIM! Can you say Christmas?! Those are to die for.

    perfectly priya