I can't believe how fast summer is creeping up on me. I know I must say that in every post, but it's just about all that has been on my mind lately. In two weeks, I'll be home for the first time in five months. I'm finally starting to feel a little less stressed and I'm dealing with the mixed feeling of being excited to go home, but knowing how much I'll miss everyone here. This has definitely been quite the school year for me. Not only did I start my job as editor-in-chief of the paper this semester, but I feel as though I've made some of my best friends this year. 

The worst thing is that sinking feeling of growing up is finally starting to set in. I've always gotten along better with people who are older than me, which means that half of my friends are graduating in May. Not only that, but I'm starting to realize that I'm reaching that point in my life where, one by one, friends aren't coming home for the summer. Where did those summers of playing with chalk and making lemonade stands go? Ah, the woes of getting older. Fun, right?

Oh, and I'm wearing clothes and stuff. I can't believe that this is the first time I've thought to pair my building dress with this jacket. 

And I think we can all agree that dandelions make any picture better.

Dress, shoes: Modcloth
Jacket: from a swap
Belt, bracelet: thrifted


  1. I am absolutely in love with the dress. I adore anything with a peter pan collar. Also the print is so unique which is a lovely change from all the florals and polka dots and stripes that I normally see (even though they can be amazing too). The building dress reminds me of a dress I got from Modcloth with ship print.

  2. Omgsh...that dress. I'm in love. Building mixed with a military jacket and velvet flats are so lovely! :)
    Also, I know, I want to go baaaaaack. Don't make me grow up world! >_<
    Ha, most of the people I am closest too are older people. Its funny. Guess we're just a little more mature ;)

    Trendy Teal

  3. Yeah it definitely gets kind of sad when your friends don't come home over the summer! It just makes it even more special for those few days they're in town though. I'm so ready for it to be summer break!
    I just love the print on this dress so much! The peter pan collar on it is a great detail too. And I really like the green jacket you paired with it!

  4. Oh man, THIS DRESS. That print is just out of this world fabulous, I love all of the little buildings. (It's so fun to see dresses with slightly different prints, florals, stripes and polka dots are wonderful but I have such a soft place for quirky prints.) And on my gosh, you have completely won me over, it's a utility jacket over a pretty dress! It just doesn't get any better than that. :)

    Yeah, being a grown up kindda sucks at times, you miss out on all of the nostalgic things of childhood like summer breaks and friends that grown up as well and change. Then you have to do grown up things like buy a mattress rather than a really pretty dress and while you don't have a new dress, you sure do feel like an adult! (Or maybe that was just me. Buying my own, brand new mattress seemed like SUCH an adult thing to do.)

  5. Not even kidding, I own that jacket! lol

  6. I love that dress so much and it really just fits you so well!

  7. That dress is fantastic! It reminds me of Hugh Ferriss. I just thrifted very a similar jacket yesterday. Looks great on you.

  8. I love that dress with that jacket. You look SO pretty. The transition from college to adulthood is really not that fun, haha. But I promise once you get there, it's not bad. I love being an adult! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. This dress is AMAZING, I absolutely am in love with the print and the neutral colours are perfect. Love it with the khaki jacket, such a wonderful combination. So jealous you can go bare legged.
    Ahhh transitioning is tough, seriously. I graduated in July and have been on a "break" for 8 months and I have been going stir crazy, and honestly i can't wait to take more classes. You're lucky that you have an apprenticeship and can start working in your discipline once you're done. With mine i have years of studying left.

  10. Omg the print on that dress is just too cute!

    I totally agree that one of the biggest bummers of growing up is losing that ~summer~ feeling. I really do feel like the nail in that coffin is friends not returning home anymore. :(

  11. i love this outfit! it's always bittersweet to see your friends graduating and moving on— but it's also super inspirational because you get to see all the wonderful things that people you love are doing!

    ps— if alice in wonderland taught me anything, i think that's a dandelion?! ;-)

  12. This dress is so precious. I can't get over the adorably beautiful print and you rock it with that jacket. And I totally know what you mean about the summers. It all becomes about looking for internships, jobs, summer classes, and you can't just spend it lounging around outside. I'm still in denial that I don't get summers off anymore - I keep forgetting I still have to go into the office when June rolls around! :P

  13. Oooh girl that aint no daffodil! That's a dandylion!
    You look adorable. And I never want to grow up either.


  14. you look so beautiful dear! I love your smile& your attitude! :)
    Wish you a beautiful day :-*

  15. I definitely remember that dress from ModCloth and considered buying it (but it's a tricky color for me), and it looks soo darling on you! I'm right there with ya on always being friends with people older than myself, which can be hard sometimes (especially like, before I turned 21!). I hate growing up.

    xox Sammi

  16. I know! Getting older is sad but exciting at the same time, haha. I miss being carefree but I love having money now...ha ha.
    And i love the print of that dress! So fun!

  17. what a cute outfit! :) I love that building dress, ahh. and, in response to your comment, I love that you love maps and atlases :) haha. also: I'm probably going to make a great batch of new brooches soon, so I will definitely take ya up on a blog review when I get 'em finished, if you're interested in me sending one your way! :) I'll let you know when I get done with this next batch ;)


  18. Aw, this is just great! I really love how the jacket looks with your dress, and the little velvet flats just threw in a really fun element to the whole ensemble! They really do look great with anything you wear them with. I think about getting older a lot too. I never really noticed while it was happening, but now all of a sudden I realize that it's been a year since I've graduated college and I didn't even notice it! Craziness...

  19. I haven't had a summer break since I was 19 :). Hard to believe it's been 7 years since I've worked through every summer. Growing up gets hard when you realize you have to start paying bills, have little to no vacation time (school gives you SO MUCH) and all that jazz. But it's also great. I love love love this outfit - i want a jacket like that so bad, you pull it off amazingly well.

  20. A building print? Ahh, that's so adorable! Love this!


  21. Oh my this dress is adorable! Where did you get this jacket!? I want one!! You are cute and I'm sad I won't be home this summer to play with chalk and make lemonade with you!

    love you :)

  22. I love the dress and I love the dandelion! those alway shake me feel so nostalgic :)

    -Emma from little motley (having an international giveaway right now! and will post your interview soon...this week has been NUTS!)

  23. I love that dress paired with that jacket! And I love your smile, it's so sincere x