Wishlist: Graduation

I decided that I'm going to start sharing wishlists for specific occasions, and I couldn't think of a better way to start than with graduation right around the corner. Thanks to a wonderful Flock Together girl, I already know what I'll be wearing, but it hasn't stopped me from looking at other pretty options online. My graduation isn't too formal, and I can't afford most of the things on this list, but a girl can dream. To say that I'm clumsy would be an understatement, so I also picked out some gorgeous flats and short wedges to go with them. Is it weird that I almost want to graduate twice so I can wear my outfit that I have planned and get one of these?

Full Disclosure: In case you haven't noticed, I have started using to Reward Style. What this means is that any time you click on an item I post and buy something from that website, I'll receive a small commission. However, I ONLY post items that I actually like, and they are not sponsored links in any way (no one asked me to post this). I use for two reasons: 1. It's a prettier, more appealing way to share items with you and 2. Yes, I could use the extra money. I don't blog for the money, but I do put a lot of time into it. If I'm going to be working at unpaid internships this summer as it looks like, any extra money will help me continue to to blog.


  1. Good on you for using Rewardstyle. Why shouldn't your blog generate a little extra cash? Is that why it is now a slide show?

    Also, yay for graduation being around the corner!

  2. Erm, hello ASOS mustard beauty! The perfect dress for a summer wedding, and holidays...wahoo! xx

  3. All of these dresses are so pretty! I especially love the mint lace dress!

  4. I'm still not used to this new set up! But I love the list :)


  5. Oh wow- I love dress #2!!! I've never really looked into Reward Style but I would love to hear if it's something you recommend! So excited to see your graduation look!

  6. love that maroon dress <3


  7. Cute wishlist, i'm totally in love with the 1st dress !

  8. dude you redid your design! it's awesome! i totes dig it. and your picks are so freaking good. that mustard asos dress is seriously driving me nuts. i want. i need. lol.

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