22nd Birthday Wish List

Well, I'm 22 today. Of course, this mostly just means that I'll be spending the whole day dodging Taylor Swift references as they're being thrown at me, but I'm excited nonetheless. I've always been a fan of birthdays (both my own and my loved ones'), and I think my love has to do with the fact that it's the one day my overly sarcastic group of friends and family drop the harsh exteriors and make each other feel special. For as much as everyone I know (again, myself included) rely heavily on insulting each other as terms of endearment, we reveal our big softie sides on birthdays. My tradition has always been to go to Disneyland on my birthday, but I haven't been able in the past few years. Fortunately for me, my best friend, Whitney, started working there recently, and she's being kind enough to sign me in today. I'll rant about Disneyland in another post, but I haven't been there in a year and a half, so I'm really excited. When you grew up in Anaheim, going that long between Disney trips is actually a big deal. I have to support my hometown, you know?

While I'm riding the Indiana Jones ride countless times and crossing my fingers for a funny Jungle Cruise skipper, I'm leaving you with my birthday wish list filled with things I can't afford. I ended up buying the Swedish Hasbeens (cheaper from Amazon) with birthday money from my parents, and I can't wait for them to get here tomorrow. Obviously I'm not saying any of you need to buy me anything on this list, but let's just say I'm not opposed to it. 


  1. Happy birthday, lovely lady! I hope 22 treats you well! May the T-Swift references be infrequent.

    Your list is so perfect! I just made a purchase from Melanie Laurene, and Swedish Hasbeens have been on my wishlist for ages.

  2. Omg, bro! Happy birthday! <3 I hope you get all the stuff and things :D Have a wonderful day!

    - Anna


  3. First of all, happy birthday!! I hope you have a fantabulous day in Disneyland today, and have a great year being 22! Your wishlist has too many beautiful pieces.. the oxfords and the dresses from Ruche look soo cute, as everything else! Have a great day!X

    Chic Nikkie

  4. Happy Birthday to you!! What a fun wish list you have. And Disneyland for birthday sounds like the best! Great that you can pick up that tradition again this year!


  5. Happy Birthday Elana! I hope you're having a wonderful time at Disney! Ive never been as an adult, so its definitely on my to-do list! Can't wait to see your new shoes :)
    xo Hannah

  6. happy happy birthday dear Elana! you are one of a kind, sweet as can be, and that DRESS collection! I miss Disneyland so much! and yes, being a Californian, it seems almost a crime to go that long in between visits. how lucky that you have a friend that can hook you up! I hope you have the best time there!! surely they will give you a button...(and the Jungle Cruise. YES!)

    I'm so glad you got some Hasbeens! excellent use of bday money, imo. I bought some knock-offs that I have been wearing non-stop! I'm pretty much convinced it's the most perfect shoe. also, the ones you chose are perfect. when looking at Hasbeens I was almost overwhelmed because they are all so cute and I wanted them all!

    anyway, HBD again!! you have permission to sing T.Swift all day, obvi.

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  7. Happy Birthday, I hope you have a great day at Disney <3

    Your list is full of swoon-worthy items, but I can't wait to see you with your new shoes c:

  8. happy birthday! Disney is a wonderful place to be on your special day. those Swedish hasbeens are amazing in every way, I always wear my pair <3 so comfy!

  9. Happy birthday! I hope 22 is a good year and treats you kindly. That arrowhead necklace just made its way onto my wishlist, I think.

  10. Aaw, Happy Birthday Dear! Wish you everything from your wishlist and a lot more! :D Hope you have an awesome year, you deserve it! ^^

  11. Happy Birthday!! Going to Disneyland sounds like an amazing birthday tradition. I hope you have loads of fun (: My birthday is about two weeks away, and I also have that Dear Creatures dress on my birthday wish list!

  12. Happy (belated) birthday, grrl! The fact that you're turning 22 makes me feel like a fossil. (I guess us cancers are emotional like that.) I hope Disneyland was a treat. :) I haven't been to Disneyworld since high school... makes me a little sad. Also, I want that arrowhead necklace and those oxfords. Now. Lol.

    Also, I'll take the dress! You can just email me (kmalongowski@gmail.com) and we can figure out the rest.

  13. Happy Birthday! I seriously cannot believe you're only 22! That's such a fun age.... Disneyland sounds fun... have a good one girl!

  14. Happy belated birthday, Elana!! I hope you're celebrating with friends and cake! You always pick the cutest dresses! I really love that first white lace dress!

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