Russian Rose

I have to be honest; I'm not overly excited about sharing this outfit. I hit a wall of lack of inspiration last week, and just kind of threw this on. I don't hate it, but it just feels boring to me. I was debating about even sharing these, but I realized that that was dumb. Not only do I have a habit of being too hard on myself, but there's a certain merit to sharing the not-so-exciting outfits. I didn't start this blog because I think I'm the most stylish person on the Internet, I started it as a creative outlet and because I thought it would be fun to document my personal style. Sure, this isn't the outfit I'll look back on when I reflect on how my style evolved through 2014, but it's something I wore and I suppose it's important to stay true to that. And okay, maybe it's growing on me a little bit as I look at the pictures more. Polka dot dresses tend to have that effect on me. 

But anyway, is it Monday already? My weekend came and went all too soon, but it was great. I went to a piano bar in Long Beach with some new friends (that's right, I'm making new friends) on Friday night, and had the best time. I had never been to a piano bar before, and it was a blast singing along to the songs and whatnot. The experience may have also involved Whitney and I being forced on stage to do an, uh, embarrassing dance, but we'll just pretend that never happened until video of it finds its way online. On Saturday, I finally had the pleasure of meeting the Everything Darling girls, Natalie and Grace, in person at the Anaheim Packing House (that giant hip food court-esque place I've mentioned) for some food, coffee, and ice cream. Ever since I moved back to Southern California, we've been talking about getting together, and they could not have been more wonderful. They were both so easy to talk to, and I loved hearing about their process in opening Everything Darling. I've made no secret of the fact that I love their cute store, and I can't help but be even more enamored with it now that I have more insight into the passion that goes into it. Side note: is it normal to have so many real life interactions with Internet friends go this well? I swear, every time I've met up with someone who I've met through blogging in person, it has been an absolute delight. I'm probably going get murdered one of these times or something, right? Or at the very least someone I meet is going to turn out to be an asshole.

Is that a Rifle Paper Co. phone case I see? I'm not sure if I mentioned this already, but I finally upgraded my phone from my two year old iPhone 4 to a 5s, and I decided to invest in a well-made case for it that I would want to keep for a while. Naturally, the first place I looked was Rifle Paper Co. I ended up getting this gorgeous one (that also protects my phone, which gets dropped a lot, very well), and I had to share it on here because it's so beautiful. Obviously, this post is in no way affiliated with Rifle Paper Co. (I wish). I just really, really love the brand. 

Dress: Francesca's Collections
Sweater: Thrifted
Shoes: Vintge
Phone case: Rifle Paper Co.


  1. I can totally relate with you about sharing not-so-exciting outfits sometimes, haha, but this IS quite a cute outfit ;) ! Ah~ I've never went (or even heard) of a piano bar before~ sounds interesting! Now I want to go to one :D Have a great day!

    Chic Nikkie

  2. Uh, this outfit is real cute and your hair looks AMAZING! You've got the soft bouncy curls of my dreams! I am in need of a phone upgrade, too. Mine's real old. Glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  3. It's so funny because I was going through the same thing the last few days and in my Flock Together post today I sound soooo bummed out! Lol. But really though.... this outfit is great and you look adorable so you can't even really tell that you are not so thrilled about these images. "fake it till you Make it" has become my new Motto these past few weeks. Lol... but I can totally relate to what you're saying for real.

  4. You definitely made the right choice sharing this outfit- you look so gorgeous! Lovin' your hair! Also you are making me wonder what it feels like to wear a jacket... it's been awhile ;) I've had all good experiences meeting people too- I hope we aren't destined for a bad one- haha!

  5. I think your hair looks lovely in these photos and makes this outfit all the more better! I personally struggle too with the idea that every outfit has to be interesting to share. It's the idea that we have to present a better version of ourselves. When I had my extensions, this was much more of an issue because I had to spend so much more time getting ready and "dressing up". For me, cutting my hair cut (sorry, puns) that expectation for me. Which is a long winded way to say that I have learned (if not forced myself) to dress for real life and sometimes document it and share it with the internet because chances are your readers won't think the same thing. You are your hardest critic, always. Especially when living on the internet is something we did to ourselves.

    And I love meeting bloggers! They're generally amazing and I think the connection created through this community cuts the small talk/getting to know each other so it's instantly a great relationship.

    Okay, I am saying too much, but I'm just letting you know you look amazing and this outfit is NOT boring!

  6. You nailed it exactly in your first paragraph! I have the same sentiments, but to be truthful, I find you to be a stylish lady :) I think we can be too hard on ourselves sometimes - okay, most of the time. You look lovely in this polka dot dress and I love the way your cardigan falls!

  7. I'm loving your hair lately, it looks so healthy and shiny. I love reading up on what you're doing- so kudos for making new friends because I certainly can't say the same. We're going to miss you next week!


  8. I can't believe you don't like this outfit that much! I think it's a great combination. I feel like you can't go wrong with a cute dress and a card, but that's because I wear some variation of that outfit a lot.

    The bold lip looks great on you too, and um, love the phone case. Obvs.

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  9. I have a cardigan just like that! It seriously goes with everything. The black and white polka dot dress is just darling!! What a cute outfit combination :)

  10. I actually really like this black and white outfit! Lovely! and the phone case is adorable too.

  11. I tend to me harsh on myself too, when it comes to sharing outfit on the blog. I keep wanting to be the best and the most creative one, but sometimes I dress like a slob, and I don't know if I should share it in the blog or not. It's still a blog for personal style, even if that style sucks sometimes, I don't care anymore I'm gonna show it!
    Love the dress so much, it's really pretty and the cardi does an excellent job at complementing it! ^^

  12. Agreed- everything Rifle Paper Co. makes is lovely. LOVE the case!!

    And, love the outfit. Monochromatic is totally in!

    ♥ perfectly Priya