Is that a haircut you see? Why, yes. Yes, it is. I hadn't gotten it cut since early summer, so I figured I was due. Fortunately, my friend Casey works at a salon (which also happens to be owned by best friend and her boyfriend Adam's family) and gives me a major discount. And by major discount, I mean that she cuts my hair for free and I bring her Starbucks. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to hair (and make-up, nails, and all things girly other than clothes for that matter) so I pretty much just let her do whatever she wanted to it. She ended up going shorter and a little fuller on the bangs, cutting off a couple of inches, and giving me more layers. My hair grows ridiculously fast, but I'm hoping it stays like this for a while since I'm extremely happy with the result.

If I seem a tad more dressed up than normal, it's because this is what a wore to a wedding reception a couple of weeks ago that I finally got around to taking pictures of yesterday. A family friend had a tiny wedding ceremony over the summer with just family, and they finally had a bigger reception at a restaurant recently. It wasn't super fancy, but it did give me an excuse to put on heels, which is a rarity. I should add that it's definitely too cold to be going sans tights at this point, but it's still not too cold to do it for a little while for photos. California is weird.

The last few days have just been spending more time with friends while my friend Kyle was in town visiting. This weekend is going to be crazy, what with two Christmas parties, a birthday party, and my brother coming back into town, so I've taken the last day or so just stay home and catch up on some TV. The only problem with things getting hectic is that it leaves almost no time for going to the movies, and there's almost too many out that I've yet to see. I need to see Foxcatcher, Inherent Vice, The Theory of Everything, Wild, Whiplash, and a few more. Someone come hang out with all of my friends and family so I can be antisocial and go to the movie theater instead. Thanks.

Dress: Modcloth (on sale!)
Jacket: Forever 21 via Buffalo Exchange (similar)
Shoes: Bass
Ring: Jewelmint
Clutch: Sassy Stitches by Lori (gift)


  1. Your hair looks wonderful, Elana! I think this is a perfect length for you. And this outfit is so flattering and lovely. The color and style of this dress are just awesome.

    xox Sammi

  2. Everything about this looks fabulous! Your new haircut really suits you, and this dress/jacket outfit is great.

  3. Ooh your hair is so pretty! Your friend did an excellent job - the length is perfect on you!
    And this outfit is very cute! The color of this dress is so flattering on you and the jacket is the perfect touch!!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  4. aw your new haircut looks so beautiful on you! And I really love the combo of a soft feminine colored dress + a leather moto jacket--great ensemble! xx All the details are also spot-on!

    <(') Hoda | JooJoo Azad

  5. Your hair looks great! Reminds me that I need to freshen my trim up...aha.
    Love the leather jacket with the feminine dress. Always a good combo to make :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  6. This is a fantastic color on you and I cannot get over how much I love your new haircut. Also- like you I'm so clueless over anything "girly" except for clothes, but I think your friend must be pretty darn great at her job

  7. Aw your haircut turned out wonderful! I'm still in search of a great hair stylist. My hair isn't easy to handle haha. Your outfit is beautiful and your shoes complement your hair color so well :).

    xo, Serli

  8. Every single dress you own is so freaking cute! I wish I could buy everything that you buy! Love your haircut! You look amazing!

  9. The details on the collar of that dress are beautiful.The setting is just perfect too. The hair cut looks fresh!

  10. You look smokin hot in this outfit! I love the little bit of edge that jacket adds to the dress, and your haircut looks so good! I'm so clueless about that sort of stuff too :)

  11. Um.... hello hottie! I don't think I've ever seen your legs look so long before! Not only do your legs look killer but this color and the jacket! Wow girl! Just wow!

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