Red Modcloth Dress + Gray Lace Cardigan

Not that it happened very often, but this is officially my last outfit post set around my old apartment. I stopped by on Saturday to get the last of my things and to sell my shelving unit to an adorable couple from Craigslist. There was, of course, a terrible interaction with my old roommate who decided to stay and fill the rooms, but what can you do? I made Jon stop quickly to take pictures on the next street over right after, and then we were finally done with the place. Good riddance. It's such a relief to never have to go back to this crazy place.

As I move everything yet again, I am faced with the giant bag and box of clothes I've been meaning to sell. I gave a bunch them to my best friend, but there's still too much. Before I try my hand at selling again, though, I think I'm going to try to make some of the stuff work. I go through clothes so quickly, but as I'm on a serious shopping ban, it makes sense to pull out some of the items I got tired of to see what I can still use. Take for instance, this cardigan. It was sitting in box for who knows how long, and for no real reason at all. I think I possibly got bored with it? I have no idea, but it's back in my closet for now. This belt on the other hand, is about to fall apart. It's adorable, but it's being held together by a thread on the side. This one, sadly, must meet the trash.

Now that Oscar nominations are here, much of my free time has revolved around watching what movies I can. I saw Anomalisa on Thursday, and was blown away. Charlie Kaufman is my favorite screenwriter, and I love just about anything he does. This one was no exception. I also am in the fortunate position of growing up in Orange County. This means that my friend Adam's dad is a member of SAG (from having one line in a movie 20 years ago) and gets sent all of the screeners. We watched The Big Short at his place the other day, and we'll get to watch a bunch of others from the comfort of his home shortly as well. The Big Short was fantastic and everything I wanted an Adam McKay-directed movie about the economy to be. 

Dress: Modcloth
Cardigan: from a swap
Belt: c/o Born Pretty (old)
Shoes: Urban Outfiters


  1. I'm so sad that the belt has to go! It's so cute and classy. I really like these pieces together. It feels like a very "you" outfit when it's all put together.

  2. So lucky you have access to all the films! We are hoping a film club that is sometimes able to get "less mainstream" attractions might bring it in, as we only get a few movies into the area....

    You look cute. Sometimes it is surprising how a piece you hadn't pick up in ages is given a new life.

  3. You should definitely try selling on Poshmark! I've become kinda obsessed. And hey, if you do sign up: PWGSG ($10 for you and $10 for me!)

    Seeing your old roommate one last time sounds AWFUL! I'm glad you made it out!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya