Cropped Sweater + Lady Tie

With all of the times I've moved in the past year and a half (if you've lost count, it's four), it was inevitable that I would lose some things. I've given up all hope up finding my dark green cardigan that I once wore to death (did I sell it? Is it still in a box somewhere?). I'm still holding out for my tan sunglasses -- I swear they're just hiding underneath something that I've yet to look under. With all of the times I've boxed up items, donated things, given them away, or moved them from temporary home to temporary home, I knew that this would be a byproduct. What I've forgotten about, however, is that it also means that I'll find items that I had once forgotten.

Hence, the lady tie.

Back when the adorable Etsy store Flapper Girl was in existence, it was pretty common to see these colorful lady ties on every blogger. I got mine in 2013, and while I was still figuring out my style and didn't wear it too often, I treasured it in all of its preciousness. Somewhere in between then and now, it ended up in a box stored in my parents' basement. I finally took a couple of boxes out of storage there recently in hopes of finding some art prints for my walls, and I pulled this beauty out in the process. It had been so long since I had seen it that I actually had to look up my old post to see if I was gifted it for a product review by Flapper Girl or if I had bought it (I was gifted it). Finding it again (and my old blog post) was not only a nice bit of nostalgia, but it was pretty fitting as I feel like my style has been heading in more a direction to wear this tie regularly. More than ever, I've felt confident in my ability to nail down a mix of modern, affordable styles with vintage inspired pieces, and I think a lady tie incorporates into that quite nicely. At the very least, it's a nice reminder that losing items while moving isn't always a terrible thing.

In other news, it's cool enough to wear light sweaters now. So that's something.

Sweater: Urban Outfitters
Top, skirt: Thrifted
Tie: c/o Flapper Girl (old)
Flat: B.A.I.T

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  1. Wow you moved 4 times? You must be a pro at packing and unpacking haha! That tie is the cutest!!