Remix Friday: J. Crew Peter Pan Collared Top

For such a versatile piece, you'd that I would have styled this J. Crew collared top differently over the years. But, no. All I've ever needed is a high-waisted skirt and maybe a cardigan to make this one of my most worn pieces. For this week's Remix Friday, I thought that it only made sense to show you a top that you're probably sick of seeing. Ever since I got this gem in a J. Crew Factory sale, it has been on constant rotation. I'm honestly surprised that I was only able to find six ways that I've styled it for the blog, although the fact that it pops up on my Instagram so much (like here and here) would explain that. I have a feeling by this time next year, I'll have six more to share. Did I just challenge myself? I believe I did. Challenge accepted.

Which look is your favorite?


  1. The bottom left one is my favorite look! (I mean, they're all great, but it just looks so comfy!) I need to start remixing again. I feel I have a uniform: shirt and jeans. its getting so old...

  2. I love this t-shirt every time you wear it! I had a striped tee with a collar at one point that I got rid of, and you're making me seriously regret it. I think I love it with the floral skirt the most, but that's another one of my favorite pieces of yours.

    ♥ perfectly Priya