Apricity Dress + Modcloth Heels

Though things will undoubtedly take a while to feel "normal" again (and I don't think they necessarily should), it's certainly back to the grind. Work has been busy, and everything else has been great. My parents are moving back to Orange County, which means that they've been in town more often while they gear up to move. My family got together on Saturday for an afternoon of playing with my niece and nephew and eating In N' Out. I also got to see my "other" family that night, as a few of my friends got together for drinks and games. We crashed at our friends' apartment and woke up to have waffles, coffee, and a lazy Sunday. I'm a little bit in denial that the weekend is ending, but what else is new?

In terms of the outfit, this is definitely a new favorite. I wish I could live in this dress, but since I can't, I'm constantly trying to find different ways to wear it. I always kind of forget about this white tee, but I'm really happy about how it worked under the dress. I'm also a fan of this pin and these shoes,, but that's besides the point. 

In all honesty, I started watching Jane the Virgin, and I'm very distracted watching it while I'm typing this. So if what I write doesn't make sense or feels like I'm not paying attention, it's because I'm not. But I feel like TV is a valid excuse.

Dress: Apricity
Shirt: Forever 21
Pin: Luella
Shoes: Modcloth


  1. Love this. LOVE everything about this! That dress, the pin, the sunglasses, everything!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  2. This dress seems very you, especially with the collar.