Polka Dot Top + Statement Necklace

Fair warning, this is yet another post that I'm writing late at night after I have already fallen asleep one and am now on the verge of falling asleep again. So this will not long be a long post, but alas, it will be a post. This is a very typical outfit of me and a variation of something I can most likely be found in at least once a week. I've kind of been living in this skirt for months and just tyring to change up the top when I can. The brief moment of fall we had seems to be gone forever, so it's back to sleeveless shirts and sandals, I suppose. I can't complain too much seeing as I'm in love with these sandals. You win some, you lose some.

Never fear; the front bangs are not gone forever. They got a bit too long and I'm afraid to trim them myself, so they're being push to the side again until I can them cut. They will make a comeback in the near future, along with a new pair of glasses that I'm waiting on. You won't even recognize me.

Most of my free time is being devoted to learning how to cook new recipes (my new and most unexpected hobby) and watching Westworld and Jane the Virgin. I find it a little funny that my two TV obsessions at the moment are so vastly different, but in a way, they represent not only my taste in television, but the good and bad sides of humanity. One show has optimists at the center, the other has cynics. I believe in a healthy diet...of TV.

Top, skirt: Thrifted
Necklace: c/o The Happiness Boutique
Sandals: Old Navy

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  1. A Healthy diet of TV, lol. Fun term but also probably good to see a mix of stories.

    This outfit is cute and very you.