Warm Tones for Warm Days

Did I mean to write this last night? Did I instead end up falling asleep while rewatching the first season of Community? Yes, and hell yes. Since I'm writing this real quick before starting work, let's just keep this short and sweet. This dress is one of my "ol' faithfuls" that never fails to look flattering. I wore this to explore old town Tustin and take pictures with friend/photographer extraordinaire, Hanna over the weekend. I lived in Tustin a while back (when I lived with horrible crazy roommates), but only explored the area a little bit. It's adorable, and we had amazing pastries from a shop there as well. Hanna brought her dog, Sol, so he is once again the star of my photos. How can I compete with him? 

The only other thing of note in my life is that my car battery died yesterday while I was at a gas station, which is never fun. My dad was nearby, fortunately, so he let me use his AAA card and got me help. So all is well now. I also made a ton of mac and cheese for dinner last night, which let's face it, is the true highlight of my week. 

Dress: Schoola
Shoes: Modcloth
Cardigan: Thrifted


  1. This dress is just enchanting no matter how many times we see it. A true closet hero (and it pairs beautifully with that mustard yellow).

  2. These pictures are amazing!! Sorry about your battery- that happened to me recently when I was picking up a friend from the airport. It was THE worst! Have the best weekend!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  3. You're so cute. I miss you. I love these kind of dresses on you! xoxoxx

  4. Ugh car problems are the worst! That dress has the prettiest print! And that dog!! *heart eyes* What a cutie!