Vote Local

If you've been following along with me during my journey to becoming more politically active, you know that I was very apathetic about voting until last year. I used the flawed electoral college as my excuse, and I will forever be ashamed of it. Fortunately, I've since learned what a mistake it was to feel that way, and I'm proud to now be an advocate for social change. I've been using the past few months to finally become more politically aware and stay involved in the national conversation (though, let's be honest, I had to take another break from Twitter), but my priority now is to start to think and get involved on a local level.

This shirt from Culture Flock could not have come at a better time. I have been loving using blogging as a platform to connect with small businesses, women entrepreneurs, and makers using their talents to make a difference. Culture Flock is an independently owned female-run business out of Springfield, MO and the women behind the brand create the best selection of tees, tanks, sweatshirts, stickers, and more. In addition to being cute, they also donate proceed from a few of their items to organizations like the ACLU and The Conservation Fund. You can also find Culture Flock in my Guide to Makers Who Donate Money. I'm particularly partial to the I Believe in Science Shirt, the Gentle & Kind Shirt, and the Introvert Pin. I also have one more piece from them that I can't wait to show you.

The Culture Flock team is using this shirt to encourage using websites like Vote 411 to find out when the next election in your area is. There unfortunately is no information about my district at this time as there aren't any upcoming elections, however, if you find the same, you can also use the following resources:

I got sick at the end of next week and it unfortunately has not gone away yet. I still insisted on taking pictures for some reason, but I didn't end up liking most of them. I saw Kelsey from Over the Hill Vintage for a little bit of thrifting on Saturday, but she made me go home because I obviously was not doing as well as I was trying to convince myself I was. She was right, and I took it easy with Jon the rest of the day. It ended up working out well since he got off work earlier than normal, and we took it easy on the couch with a mini movie marathon and Chinese food. 

My family isn't religious and doesn't do much in the way of Easter, but did it provide a good excuse to see everyone yesterday. I stopped by my brother's to see his kids and then had dinner at my parents' house. I may be sick, but I wasn't letting that stop me from seeing my nieces and nephews or getting free food. 

T-shirt: c/o Culture Flock
Skirt: Ruche
Shoes: Modcloth


  1. Love the graphic top!


  2. I wasn't into politics either and now my Facebook and Twitter feeds are almost all about politics now! Funny how things change! Awesome shirt!! And that is an awesome door! What a great color!