Guest Post: Professional Dressing in Style with The Adored Life

I'm so excited to have Alissa filling in for me today! The Adored Life is one of the few blogs of which I still make sure to read every new post, and it's because of a number of things. First is because her outfits are incredibly well put-together and easy to translate into real life, but the biggest is what a captivating writer she is. I desperately need to be her friend in real life, and I imagine everyone else agrees with me. Keep reading to get learn Alissa's tips on dressing for an office job (something I definitely help with).

Hi there! I'm Alissa and I blog over at The Adored Life! I've been blogging four about five years now and truthfully, I never even meant for people to read what I was writing. I started it as a way to look back during a hard time in college and well, I started and now I have a way to look back on some of the most formative years of my life. Blogging has been so much more than sharing photos, it's been about building a community and sharing thoughts so that maybe, just one other person doesn't feel alone. One of the hardest thing I've had to learn was dressing professionally for the office, especially a corporate office, while still showing my personality. There's nothing more sad in a professional sense than having to settle for a pair of black pants and a blazer to blend in. But on the other hand, sometimes you just have to do that! So how do I try and find a middle? read on!
The Blazer + Pants Situation
Rethink your blazer + slack outfit with a fun button down and statement accessory that doesn't feel so corporate! I wear this outfit at least once a month, regardless of the season because it perfectly balances casual with more traditionally formal items in my closet. I LOVE a good pusssybow blouse in a delicate print to break up a stodgy look.
And yes, I do look at my own blog for outfit inspiration, in case you were wondering.
Put a Bow on It
I will advocate for bows in any form, but especially in a pussybow form. I love that it adds so much femininity and a touch of play to ANY outfit! I used to worry that it make me look older, but I quickly got over that when I realized that a) sometimes I want to look older and work and b) life is short and if you want to wear a bow, wear a bow.  
Find Your Signature Print
Much like a signature perfume, I think that you should have a signature print. I love hearing my co-workers exclaiming that they thought of me because they saw polka dots. I've loved polka dots a lot so I had a lot of polka dotted items, but I made an active choice to make polka dots my signature print. It's fun, youthful but you can get away with wearing it many difference ways in the office.
I know it's not always easy to find a way to show your personality in work clothes, but I hope these tips help you! If you ever have any questions about how I try to dress for a corporate job in a fun way, email me! I'd be more than happy to chat!
Thank you Elana for letting me guest post!


  1. Yay! Two of my faves!! I always admire how professional but still fun Alissa looks (like a boss bitch.) I'm lucky that my office is super casual so really anything goes!

    Priya the Blog

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