Guest Post: Patriotic Popsicles with Hanhgry

For my last guest post before I come from my trip, I've tapped one of favorite new blogging friends, Hanh. Not only is she semi-local, but I turn to her Instagram for style AND food inspiration. She has the best collection of colorful and pastel clothes, and she always tries the BEST looking dessert places in LA. Take a look at her 4th of July outfit below (wearing the same popsicle dress that I own!) and give her a follow over at her blog, Hanhgry.

I grew up outside of Washington, D.C., so field trips to historic sites and monuments were a fact of life for most of my K-12 education. We went to all the Smithsonian museums, toured the White House, the Washington Monument, visited the Lincoln AND Jefferson Memorials, and so on. I kind of took it for granted that I lived so close to these sites.

Despite being fairly close by, we never took any field trips to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, another city that is incredibly important to American history. After all, that’s where the Declaration of Independence was signed. And Betsy Ross’s house is there!

My husband Ross had a similar experience; he went on tons of field trips to all sorts of historic sites in Philadelphia, but didn’t see much of DC. So as part of celebrating our wedding anniversary, we went back East to see his family and also spend some time in Philly.

My original idea was to take photos at the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall but that idea was squashed when I saw the massive lines and we got to Independence Hall too late to go inside. Sigh. So I had to settle for some other historic-looking but not as historically important backdrops. Hence, the randomness of the photos here with gardens and murals and such. Philadelphia is such a beautiful city, with an abundance of historically restored homes that I wanted to live in! I’ll be doing a separate post about some of the delicious things I ate in Philadelphia.

The dress is an old one from ModCloth, and the shoes are from Bait Footwear. I thought the red, white and blue rocket pop print was a cute way to be patriotic without being over the top “‘MURRICA!” Plus, I loved rocket pops as a kid!

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