Blogging rules (literally and figuratively)

I have a tough life. I'm currently writing this from my parents' lake house while I sit on the balcony with a coffee and bagel sandwich that my dad made for me and nowhere important to be. One of my best friends, Whitney, and I are staying here for a couple days with plans to go out on the lake and do nothing but relax. We got in last night and so far have sat outside and talked, watched a couple episodes of It's Always Sunny, and tried not to die in the bunk beds we're sleeping in. 

Photos, Elyse Katz

I don't have too much to say about this outfit other than it includes a cardigan that I find a way to wear with just about everything and my absolute favorite necklace. My first post was about the lovely Alyson Fox, a jewelry designer who I once interviewed for a website. That Christmas, my parents got me this beautiful necklace that was part of Fox's collaboration with Verabel and it's remained one of my most prized possessions ever since.

I recently realized that I've created a set of "rules" for my blog and blog etiquette and I wanted to share some of them. Why? Because this is the one place I can force my opinions on people and readers have no choice but to listen.

1. Only take photos of outfits I actually wear
I've talked about this before, but my it's my biggest rule. I have some fancy dresses and one or two pairs of heels I think would look great in photos, but I don't plan on taking pictures of them until I actually wear them. Some girls make gorgeous flower wreaths and are brave enough to wear them outside, but I don't so I don't see the point in taking photos in one.

2. Read every comment, visit every blog
I'll admit, it's probably so easy for me to do so since there aren't TOO many comments to go through, but I still appreciate every person who takes the time to read mine. If someone is nice enough to look at mine, the least I can do is visit theirs. 

3. "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"
I do visit every blog, but I also believe in being honest. I feel bad about some the blogs I don't comment on, but if I don't like a blog or an outfit, I'd rather say nothing than be fake and pretend I do. (Sometimes, though, I do just forget to comment.) That being said...

4. Appreciate personal style
I still do comment on some outfit posts I might not necessarily like for myself, but I think the best thing about the fashion blogging community is being able to see a variety of personal styles. I never see any two blogs exactly the same and it's one of those things that reminds me why I love fashion so much.

5. Never ask anyone to follow my blog
It's one thing to leave a link (I appreciate it when people do, sometimes it's difficult to get to each commenter's blog), but I refuse to leave a comment that says "Can you follow my blog?" I follow blogs because I genuinely like them, not because someone asked me to and I expect my readers to do the same. If someone likes mine enough, they shouldn't need me to ask for their follow. Nothing bothers me more than commenters who obviously don't read the post and comment with, "Cute. Check out my blog..."

6. Add a personal voice, but don't share too much
I like to talk about my life so readers can get a sense of a human face behind the blog (besides, you know, my actual human face that I plaster all over it), but I think there's such a thing as over-sharing. I make sure to include a few personal tidbits in each post, but after that, I don't think too many people care about every detail in my life.

I'd like to make it clear that I am very much aware these are MY rules, and mine alone. I understand that each blogger more or less has their own set of rules and I don't want this to come across as a judgement of anyone who doesn't follow mine. I do follow a lot of bloggers who wear crazy things that they might not actually wear in real life or who always go into great detail about their lives and I still LOVE those blogs. The fact of the matter is, we all share the same passion and nothing makes me happier than seeing how supportive bloggers are of one another. And with that, I'm done with today's ramblings, stay tuned for another one soon, I'm sure. I'd love to know, though, does anyone else have a similar set of rules?

Dress: Thrifted
Cardigan: American Apparel, via Buffalo Exchange
Boots: Cathy Jean
Belt: Freebie
Ring: Consignment store
Necklace: Verabel + Fox


  1. interesting post!

  2. Before talking about the meat of this post, I do want to say I like all your accessories. THey are really what makes this outfit, I think.

    What I really wanted to talk about is your rules. They rock. These are all worded very articulately, and really seem to be the greatest guidelines to being polite and genuine in the blogging community. I especially liked the " Appreciate personal style." There's a lot of things I see that I wouldn't wear- either because of the culture/community/job I'm in or just it isn't my style- but those ladies ROCK those outfits. They are often creative and cool and in some way inspiring. And that's what is so great about style blogs. You can see that everyone isn't wearing what's on teh magazines by the checkout counter. They are individuals.

    Great post.

  3. I have similar unspoken rules. I really agree with 2, 3 and 6! Oh, and I love the colors in this outfit. I can see why you get so much use out of that sweater!

    P.S. Thanks for finding me the link to those shoes! I really think I'll order some! :)

  4. Lol Elana, I was just reading your blog today and found the same thing! How did I forget to follow you?? So I of course quickly changed that.


  5. I agree with a lot of your rules! I try to always visit the blogs who leave me thoughtful comments and I follow blogs that I take a lot of value from. They are very good rules to abide by and I think you wrote them out very well. I also love your gorgeous necklace and your dress is very cute! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! <3


  6. wow I love how you matched green with blue! here in Portugal we have a saying that tells you shouldn't match them but you look amazing, love it!

    Drawing Dreaming

  7. i think this is a stand-up list of rules, without realizing it I think I follow most of them! fyi I have worn floral wreaths (i've made) in public but it's usually in a concert/music festival setting lol.

    I really like the colours in this outfit, the olive & navy are really sharp together. I was dying over the bunk beds line too - I had a flash back of summer camp as a kid!

    have a great weekend,


  8. Hey, nice post! <3
    I'm blogger from Indonesia and really like your blog!
    Can we follow each other? ;)


  9. These are great rules, and are not far from the set I've created for myself. That being said, I love this color combination, the green dress is such a beautiful color. Love the booties and fun ring too :D

  10. thank you so much for following!
    follow you back:)

  11. oh, i can only agree! i don't take outfit photos, but if i did, no.1 would definitely be an important one to me. we are pretty much on the same thought level regarding your other points as well. lovely smile in photo no.5!


  12. Hello! I just came across your blog! How funny- I moved from SoCal to the Midwest for college too :) However I graduated last may and I love being back in the West :) It will be fun to follow along your journey in college! I’ve decided to follow you! If you get a minute, I’d love to know what you think of my latest outfit post! While you’re visiting, follow along so we can keep in touch! :) xo, elle from Living in Color.

  13. This is adorable! I love the colour of the dress and how you paired it with the booties and great jewellery!


  14. Great post, Elana. I loved reading your list of "rules" because they are really genuine, without being bitchy, just like your blog. I totally agree 100% with what you said! I love to connect with people and just don't even bother with the people that obviously don't care. I like to respond/check out every blog of the people who visit me (and about a million others who don't). I find this to be the best way to connect to girls just like me. You're brilliant and I must say, you have an incredible collection of dresses. Love reading your stuff.

    perfectly priya

  15. Really good post, and so true about the 'follow me' comments! I love the green / navy colour combo in your outfit too, really summery and pretty :) Congrats on making the LALM list this week x

  16. Cool, I guess for me a rule is if you are talking about someone ask for permission first, you don't know if they are comfortable with sharing some personal info.
    I agree with you with most of it, specially about using your own voice.
    Great post

  17. Those colors look amazing on you so I can see why you wear that cardigan all the time!

    I'm glad IFB put you in this week's Links a la Mode because I completely agree with all of your rules!

  18. Love these rules! Your olive dress is precious. That is one color I just don't have in my wardrobe and I think I need to change that... stat. Congrats on being on the LALM list! New follower here!

    peace&love, Jill
    Favor the Brave

  19. Nice dress!!I really like your rules!Mine are pretty similar especially on the "follow me" thing.It's simply annoying!