Things that caught my eye this week #4

I love just about everything by It's Okay My Dear

Speaking of loving everything, I can't even choose my favorite item from Mona, but I've decided that I need the Claudia top

Lauren Kemp does every seemingly easy (though definitely difficult) DIY I'm too lazy to do

I first heard about Datter Industries from Calivintage, but I haven't been able to stop drooling over the interesting pieces ever since

Kolonel Mustard has to have the most impeccible style I've seen in a very long time does Nina Maya

I often spend way too much time looking at minimal movie posters and my new favorite graphic artist has to be Ibraheem Youssef. I especially love his Tarantino art

On a side note, Breaking Bad is back and I honestly don't think I can truly articulate my excitement. I'll let this list of 40 Awesome Breaking Bad Tributes do it for me


  1. I love this little roundup! That first photo...I am in love with that whole outfit! And I had no idea Ben had a blog. I'm a fan of his on LB, so I'll have to check it out! <3


  2. Hi Elana, Thanks so much for featuring my top on your lovely blog :)

    1. Thanks so much for visiting!! I absolutely love your stuff so I'm so happy I could feature it on here :)

  3. The bow on the top is wow and oh my that guy IS impeccible dressed. He is gorgeous-do u have his number? *wink*


  4. Ooh my god, the pulp fiction one, so great' you posts just get better and better xx Elly