If my face looks a little more awkward than normal (which is pretty difficult to do), it's because this was my first time having my mom take my photos. I've never felt very comfortable in front of the camera (or behind it, for that matter) and I still find it a constant struggle to look natural while taking outfit photos. These photos, and most of the photos to come, might look a little different than the ones I've posted up to this point and that's because they are. My sister-in-law is an amazing photographer, but it wasn't exactly fair of me to give her the task of taking my outfit photos when she has the most energetic (and cutest) two-year-old I've ever seen to take care of. I'll be forever grateful for her help in getting this blog up and running, but from now on most of my pictures will probably be taken by whoever I can get to do it. And, Mom, since I'm assuming you're reading this: this is not me saying you're a bad photographer. You're great, can you take more pictures of me before I go back to school?

As for the outfit, it's impossible not to feel happy while wearing this. I wore it on Sunday to grab lunch and go shopping with my good friends Alena and Jessica to celebrate all of our birthdays, which are all in the same week. It's always a daunting task getting dressed to go to South Coast Plaza, an extremely upscale mall in Orange County, but I was so happy in these colors that I didn't even care. This shirt has multiple buttons missing, but I'm too lazy to sew on new ones. I usually just safety pin it and call it a day. The skirt is a Modcloth one that I recently won on Ebay and I can already tell it's going to see a lot of wear. Yellow and it has pockets? Consider me infatuated.
Shirt: Thrifted
Skirt: Modcloth Craving Curry skirt, via Ebay
Shoes: UO
Belt: Thrifted
Bag: Thrifted


  1. Yay for yellow and trips to south coast with good friends!

  2. Nice this outfit:) if you want go to my blog:)

  3. Yellow skirts and gingham shirts make me happy, too. :) And maybe this is just me, but the only thing I think of when I hear South Coast Plaza is the O.C. It takes me right on back to being 14 and being obsessed with that show.

  4. those two colors are perfecttt. and omg I haven't been to the south coast plaza in years! (probably because I'm poor....) haha I love your background. Completely Californian vibe.

  5. I love this outfit, the mustard skirt is so cute. I also adore how much of your outfit is thrifted. I ADORE thrifting.

    Ava Tallulah
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  6. Thanks so much for the sweet comment and visiting my blog :)

    You are soooo adorable!! I love the yellow+gingham fun and summery!


  7. Love the outfit! The skirt is so cute! Beautiful color!


  8. This outfit is making me happy just looking at it! Love the blue and yellow :)

    Life etc

  9. I'm loving anything gingham right now and that top is sooo cute! And I love the button down skirt! I've been trying to find a vintage one to turn into a mini. No luck yet, but I'm sure it will happen soon. :) Ah, South Coast Plaza. Very upscale indeed. I only went there once to visit H&M and Zara. I had never been in a Zara before, so that was cool. :) hope you enjoyed your time! <3


  10. hahahaha, I thought u looked a lot happier than usual and couldn't help smiling myself. You have an infectious Smile E (sorry I have a thing for calling/writing people by their first letter of their name-blame gossip girl)

    Ivy (cant stop smiling now)

  11. I always felt awkward posing in front of my relatives but then I just got used to it ;)anyways you look lovely, I adore that gingham shirt paired to that cute skirt <3

    Life is a romantic poem

  12. "Consider me infatuated". Your blog is hilarious! Hey I just realized, I'm a journalism minor too! Something else we have in common! I adore the combo of the gingham/yellow, classy and adorable! Looking great.

    perfectly priya

  13. haha aw no, i think you look pretty! when i first started fashion blogging i was SO uncomfortable- especially doing it out in the streets. but it's just something you get used to and no longer care about. you'll get the hang of it, i'm sure :) and love this look! i love the colors and you look so sweet and summery

  14. You look SO cute, I love these colors together. Hope you have a great weekend! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  15. first, i would own this skirt. i feel like we could be style twins or something, i would pick this out! i love it on you and i love the color, cut, and buttons! and i think you look ADORABLE in these photo s- i love your smile.

    shopping and lunch with friends sounds AMAZING!

    and tips on taking photos - it took me awhile to get used to it too! seriously go back like maybe to january or february in my archives, maybe even not that far back, and you will find awkward me on my porch making dumb faces. i found that getting more comfortable with my tripod and remote and just figuring out myself (copying other poses from other bloggers was my worst mistake, i liked this one girls photos but her face is very different from mine and i look like i'm really angry if i just close my mouth and stare and the camera, and even worse if i do that 'i'm not really closing my mouth thing').

    oh and i totally leave the longest comments ever. all the time.

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  16. I have been wanting these sandals from UO for forever. Unfortunately, I'm broke : (