More polka dots and things that make me happy

This isn't a lame attempt at a cheesy pose, I swear. I was smiling at my 3-year-old nephew who was playing frisbee nearby.

Things that are making me happy right now:

  • Having new, eager writers approach me about contributing to my section of the paper.
  • The fact that my parents celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary yesterday. 
  • Catching up with friends I haven't seen since May.
  • Getting McDonalds at midnight with T.J. and eating in the Kmart parking lot.
  • Friendly RA's in my building who talk to me while I'm working at the front desk.
  • Being productive and getting things planned ahead of time for my club.
  • Professors who laugh at their own jokes.
  • People who tell me they can tell I'm a fashion major.
  • Having an old friend make a surprise dinner and having "family dinner" at the Asian buffet.
  • Making the drive to a nearby town with my brother, sister-in-law, and their kids just to go to Target on a Sunday morning.
  • Coming up with inappropriate headlines with my coworkers. 
  • How every new episode of Breaking Bad has me on the edge of my seat and convinced it's the best show of all time.
  • Getting random texts from my best friend, Adam, quoting The IT Crowd.
  • Coming home to a note from my roommate saying she asked her boyfriend to open my cherry Pepsi I'm too weak to open.
  • The continuous sweet, funny, and supportive comments from other fashion bloggers. I'm at 70 followers!
  • Finally being happy with how I styled this shirt, unlike the last time.

Shirt: Buffalo Exchange
Dress: Swapped
Shoes: UO
Ring: H&M


  1. Woohoo for polka dots, ha ha :D
    Sounds like you have had lots of exciting things happen lately, I wish I could say the same, ha ha.

  2. You know what makes me happy? Polka dots and your blog. And the fact that I just discovered you're a Breaking Bad fan. Are we twins?

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. Many things come to mind on this post, I'll just go down the list: congrats to your parents! 35 years is amazing and nearly unheard of these days, that is awesome. We talked about McDonald's in class today and I have been craving it since then. Late night, so good. I worked at my dorm desk for 2 years! I tried to get my job back and they had already filled it :( even though I am CLEARLY the most qualified applicant. And woohooo your blog is growing! Hooray! Loved reading list little list. Cheers!

    perfectly priya

  4. your college experience sounds sooo much better than mine! i love late night mcdonalds trips with friends - some of my favorite experiences are in a mcdonalds in kentucky. and i love this polka dotted blouse! so cute- and your ring! it's so cool. i'm really loving rings right now, i used to never wear them

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // current giveaway

  5. This looks so great, I'm super jelly of your life right now, let's swap!? Also your room mate.. Best ever. Xx Elly

  6. Eeeeep, those shoes are the perfect color!

    Your life sounds like it is going pretty awesome right now...yay! :)


  7. You're so cute!
    35...we're getting there, in 2 days is our 9th anniversary!
    Congrats with your 70 :)

  8. YES I love polka dot shirts! And skirts and shoes and dresses (Pretty Women anyone?). I'm also glad that you have so many things to be happy about. :)

  9. Cute! Your shoes are such a pretty shade of lavender (my fave). and yay for awesome things happening in your life :)

    chīsana blogger

  10. oh Elana, is it too cheesy or repetitive if I say I love your polka dot blouse and wanna steal it for myself? I fell like I don't say anything else everytime I come to your blog but I really love your clothes! I personally think you might just have the perfect wardrobe - at least for me, we have such similar taste! :)
    I'm glad you have so many things to be happy about! I read them all but I'm specially found of a) teachers who laugh of their own jokes - it happens to me all the time. You'd think college teachers would be wise but sometimes they just make the weirdest jokes and laugh at themselves (usually no one else laughs haha); b) blog followers - you truly deserve to get more blog followers. Or at least I do think so. Because I really like your blog. (like I haven't said that before); c) Breaking Bad - I heard about that tv show a hundred times so I'm starting to think I should watch it? need to take a peak and see what it is about :)

    Drawing Dreaming

  11. oh and just forgot to say, I'm your follower no. 70! ;)

  12. You look happy and full of joy in your photos each and every day! I love your polka dot top and chambray skirt. I used to work at the front desk when I was in college and RAs stopping by to chat made the hours go by so much faster, don't you think?!

  13. I love the top and the way you wore it! Super cute!

  14. I'd be happy with that styling too! You are very cute in it and the denim+polka dot combo is enticing.

    Love your list. It brightens my day and it really needed brightening too.