Button down down

My friends make me laugh. Sometimes.

I have to make this kind of short since I just got out of class and have to eat lunch or finish an article I need in a couple of hours. I'm on top of things. Classes have been good, if fairly easy, so far. I do have the problem where every time I look at my Anthropologie Anthropology syllabus, my inner-shopping addict is convinced it's spelled wrong. These are the obstacles I deal with a daily basis.

I've feeling a big uninspired lately and have mostly just been trying to pair together different combinations of clothing I wear all the time. I think I'm just ready for fall. I might have gone a little too crazy yesterday on Urban's website when I saw they had free shipping AND $39 jeans. I might also have bought a forest green cardigan that was on sale and a pair of white woven loafers that were only $12. So much for my spending freeze.

My friend Emily, who writes for College Fashionista, took these photos of me last week after an e-board meeting for our club. I decided I want her to take all of my pictures for me, especially after she got on down on the cement, skirt and all, to take a better shot of my shoes. I need more friends like this.

Also, I realized that my outfit buttons all the way down. I planned it that way. I always do.

Did I say short post? Oops.

Shirt: Buffalo Exchange
Skirt: Modcloth, via Ebay
Shoes: UO
Bag: T.J. Maxx
Ring: Jewelmint


  1. Wicked cute outfit! Wasn't expecting the back to be a different color but it's nice :)

    and I was totally window shopping on UO yesterday too but didn't buy anything and now I'm gutted. :(

    chīsana blogger

  2. You are just so darn cute. I love the unexpected back on your shirt, so fun. It's like a mullet shirt.. business in the front, party in the back. No? Sorry. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. ooo white woven loafers, that sounds like something right up my alley. and i laughed at the "anthropologie" bit. god how i want to give that store my whole paychecks. and that UO sale needs to be over already- i can't afford to buy anything but all this resisting is starting to wear on my mental health haha

  4. oh I truly understand you! sometimes I just feel uninspired, like nothing matches and anything and others I'm able to pull off a dozen outfits... who knows why?
    It's great you have someone to take you photos and that loves doing it (laying on the grown seems like loving it to me!). oh and I love your skirt, loving yellow sooo much! :)
    by the way, do you know what I've just noticed? I keep coming to your blog, leaving comments and I'm not following you yet!! Why, I have no idea! I just haven't realised it so far but well, Elana, I've fixed this problem! You have now a new faithful, loyal follower here! :))

    Drawing Dreaming

  5. No such thing as a short post! Ha! Your new finds sound fabulous, I think we're all just ready for fall. I'm wearing pants/button downs and sweating through it because I am bored! Love that your outfit buttons all the way down, that is hilarious! Just think of how easy it will be to get out of, if you get stuck in your bike chain or something (weird, sounded better in my head).

    perfectly priya

  6. Well aren't you the most adorable thing ever!! I love this look, esp that great blouse!!!



  7. i would do that too! i never took anthropology (i had to delete there) so i wouldn't have ever thought of it.

    if you are ever alone - set camera on the ground, get good at touching your toes - and voila. great photos. i do that a lot. or i put it on timer. but that's an awesome friend for getting down on the ground for you. when i met my blogger friend marisa it was great because we were both climbing on things and getting different angles and it was a lot of fun because we were in to it.

    anyhow! i mostly love that your blouse is two toned! that so surprised me - i thought it was a different type, such a cool detail. and i love the buttons up and down. perfect!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // current giveaway

  8. awww, cute outfit! i love the yellow skirt. i have been seeing a lot of yellow on people lately and it makes me so happy (it is my second favorite color)! cute blog!

    lindsey louise


  9. Such a cute buttoned down look ;)
    Haha, love that mustard yellow skirt and your adorable sandals!
    Man, round of applause to Emily, you definitely need more friends like that haha

    Enter to win a gift certificate to Rire Boutique!
    Trendy Teal

  10. hahah everything you wrote made me laugh :) can she take photos of me too? ;) you're making me miss school!

  11. So cute outfit!!!! :) The colour of the skirt is amazing


  12. I love the yellow and black combo! That's funny it buttons all the way down! Not like I haven't done that before haha. Oh! Don't tell me about good sales! There's so many lately!


  13. Love the combination of black/white and yellow! I'm so tired of my summer wardrobe too and ready to pick up some new fall pieces.

  14. Beautiful outfit! It's very pretty and carefree, looks perfect for the hot, sunny days ^ u ^
    Also, what a great friend! She really took some good photos of you, and, the most important, she made you laugh all the way through (isn't that what friends are for, anyway?). You look so happy in all these pictures!

    And good luck with your classes! Good to hear it's been easy so far :3

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~

  15. I'm ready (ish) for fall too, but like the yellow/black/white combo.

  16. So pretty, I have the song "Black and Yellow" playing in my head. My oldest son loves that song and I love your outfit.

  17. I love this outfit on you. My husband makes fun of me when my outfit has buttons all the way down, haha!

    Oh, and thank you for the sweeeeeeet comment!! And the follow :)