Stripes and heads

How is possible that I'm on my second week of classes and I'm already stressed out? It could possibly have something to do with the fact that I'm extremely hard on myself and give myself reasons to stress out, but that's besides the point. I absolutely love my job at the newspaper, but I've been struggling creatively lately and it's making me go a little crazy, which, of course, leads to more lack of sleep. I really shouldn't write too much here since I need to go back to editing stories and planning out my layout before I go into the office later, but I'm sure it will end up being long regardless.

I took these photos yesterday and it was the first time I've had my boyfriend, T.J. (can I just assume everyone knows who is by now?) take them for me. I'm not the biggest fan of taking pictures while other people around (I'm awkward enough as it is) so we wandered around our office building until we found this great secluded spot. I think at one point he told me that I can't always surround myself with shrubbery, which is true. I was little nervous to have him take my pictures, but he ended up being one of the best "photographers" I've had. After sitting on the ground with my camera immediately, he defensively informed me that the pictures would look better if they were taken from that angle. He was right. Some of the highlights from the shoot include me asking if I should pretend to talk to the head and him taking multiple photos of my ring, "to get it right for readers with hand fetishes," which we all know are a dime a dozen.

I was so happy to finally wear this crop top since I've never seemed to find the right way to wear it. I did take pictures of me wearing it once with high-waisted shorts, but I despise how shorts look on me so I scrapped them. I feel much more comfortable in an a-line skirt.

Also, I'm doing my best, but I've probably fallen behind on replying to comments. I've been reading most blogs on my phone while I wait for classes to start, but it's been difficult to comment on every single blog that I'd like to. It probably doesn't help that my list of blogs I love keeps growing every day, it seems. 

Top: Spotted Moth (similar)
Skirt: Thrifted
Shoes: Modcloth
Belt: Thrifted
Necklace and ring: Jewelmint


  1. Literally you are spot on! Its only my second day of school and I am stressed! AH! And I am so far behind on blog reading, commenting and posting...oh life why do you get in the way! You can do it! I believe in you!
    Much love,

  2. You are just so darn cute! I love this outfit. Haha, for those people with hand fetishes. I don't have a hand fetish, but loved seeing the closeup of your cool ring! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. You look SO cute! Love that top and your jewelmint pieces of course...I'm obsessed! xx

  4. Oh Elana...
    Stress: yes. Why do we do this to ourselves? My help for this is writing in my planner at every possible second, and making endless lists.
    Creativity: Well we are just kindred souls. I just wrote about this! Nataly (the great) posted this article about more ways to be creative, which I loved! Check it out!
    Awkwardly taking pictures: Story of my life. People probably think Hunter is making a calendar by now.
    BOYFRIEND PHOTO SHOOTS: YES! It's amazing how much your boyfriend actually knows about photography! I love that he was down to help you out, and provide hilarious commentary. I felt silly the first time, but now it's something we love to do together (ok, lies. I love it. Hunter loves making comments). I think you will find that TJ provides you with some interested insights (or he has already, hand fetishes?).
    Wearing something a better way, finally: my blog post today.

    People probably wonder about these long comments we leave each other...should we just come out as a blogging couple already or what?

    perfectly priya

  5. I just love these red stripes with the denim skirt. It's just the perfect combination!! You look ready for a day at the beach! :) I promise you one day you'll get over the fear of taking photos in front of people. I'll never forget the day I was taking blog photos and my neighbors from across the street were just sitting in their car watching me. Why they were sitting in their car in the first place, who knows. But after that, I just didn't care. And actually their daughter came over to me one day and asked me why I do the photos and now she follows my blog! You can do it girl! :) Glad you got the blouse and you love it! <3


  6. It's the second day of classes and I'm already stressed out, so I feel you. but you look super cute and I love the cut and fit of your skirt. So pretty! Also you look just like this girl from my town. It's freakin' me out!

  7. Ooh I love the stripes! And your ring, too. Your ring is pretty awesome. And I do not whatsoever blame you for surrounding yourself with shrubbery, or a building, or whatever, while taking outfit photos. If ever I decide to take outfit photos myself, you can rest assured that they will be under a secluded bridge, or out in the country. Or something. Good luck with classes girl!

  8. Lol my hubby always wants to take photos from different angles too! Too funny. That ring is pretty awesome and I love the nautical look!


  9. haha the bloggers with hand fetishes. how...kind of you ;) and i was like that when i frst started blogging- i'd try convince myself that alley backdrops were "creative" just so i didnt have to do it by people. we'll get over it. and cute look! i love how you wore that cropped top

  10. Super nautical vibe! I love red with navy blue. Very cute

    x The Pretty Secrets

  11. I'm not the biggest fan of getting photos taken in front of other people too, but you do what you gota do sometimes I suppose! You look really cute girl, your boyf makes a good photographer! x

  12. oh I really like this outfit!! The navy look on it it's so pretty! :) Love the combination of blue and red + stripes, fabulous!! :)
    I don't mind taking photos if people are just passing by but I hate when they're standing right there staring at me while taking photos... it's creepy haha

    Drawing Dreaming

  13. I am loving this whole look, and that ring is too fun! This is just a great summer style!


  14. It always so much more fun to take pictures with someone you're really comfortable with because they bring out the best in you! Love how natural you look in these shots (and love that Jewelmint ring, which I almost bought and now really wish I had).

  15. I love how you paired the crop top and skirt. It's so figure flattering! :) The picture with the head is pretty cute too, not gonna lie.

    Good luck in school! Try not to stress out too much? :D

    chīsana blogger

  16. You look so cute and nautical! I love the second picture, and your really cool ring :D Don't stress out too much, just take the tasks as they come and don't worry about responding to every blog comment, we know you read!

  17. I love this perfect little nautical look! How awesome that your man made sure to take some detail shots of the ring. I always love when mine gives me a little direction instead of the typical me flailing around in front of him in different "poses" like a buffoon! Good luck with your work/school week, its SO hard to fit it all in isn't it!? You'll figure out a good balance soon though :)
    xo Hannah

  18. Love the blue and navy - such a nautical look! Haha and I know how you feel about taking pictures in front of people, so awkward :)

    Life etc