Wind and new purses

I'm artistic.

VERY artistic.
Can you tell it was windy on Saturday when I took these photos? Well, let me assure you, it was windy that day.

I wore this to walk to the town square (my favorite part about going to school in a small town) with my friend Kiley to go to a couple thrift stores. I may or may not have picked up this bag for $2 that day, but couldn't wait to use it...

Kiley proved herself to be yet another awesome friend (I think I've made it clear how great the people in my life are) and was really into taking my pictures. The moment an old lady left this gazebo, we rushed inside and I think everyone will agree with me that it's pretty adorable. Kiley often humors me by listening to talk about clothes, but I especially enjoyed when she asked, "So is there every a time when you DON'T dress up?" My answer? During my 4:30am shift at the front desk or when I'm still in p.j.'s on lazy weekend mornings. Those are the only times and I have no plans to change that.

This top is another item I'm surprised I haven't worn on here yet. I picked it up at Forever 21 while I was in Chicago for a journalism conference earlier this year and my friends can attest that I dropped whatever else I was planning on buying the moment I saw this. So far it's proven to be one of those great F21 finds that actually is fairly good quality. 

In other news, I'm sick, which is awesome. I just back from going from the activities fair to a club meeting and can now finally enjoy some soup. For once I don't have anything else to do tonight, so I can relax, read blogs, and catch up on TV. Speaking of TV....Breaking Bad fans. We need to talk about Sunday's episode. 

 Shirt: Forever 21
Skirt: Vintage, via Etsy
Shoes: UO
Bag: Thrifted
Bangles: InPink
Ring: Ebay


  1. Love the skirt and that bangle set! Check out my blog if you have a second! Keep in touch. xo!

    Smile On:)...Classy Pam

  2. I really love the top. I am obsessing over two toned blouses and short sleeves at the moment. Love how you paired it with the floral skirt for a bit of colour too.

    Wardrobe Quarry

  3. i love it when i find something worthwhile and of good quality at forever 21. on another note, i've been looking for a new show that i can obsess about. everybody amongst my friends has been talking about breaking bad lately. i love bryan cranston, but i haven't seen an episode of it. i should probably just go for it, right?

    get well soon!

  4. this gazebo is downright perfect! i love it. and i TOTALLY just got the exact same ring in silver off OASAP :D good minds think alike! and that bag is an awesome steal at $2. and i couldn't get into breaking bad. apparently i hated it (i don't remember it , but my husband does remember me not watching it or something) i love this top too - it seems very 'you' with the collar and cut if that makes sense!

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  5. Oooh, love that adorable peter pan collar on your blouse! You always look so cute and girly :)
    Nice find with that bag too!

    Trendy Teal

  6. That gazebo IS adorable! I think my favorite part of these pictures though is that random kid in the background of one of them! Fantastic find with that clutch, I love it! Did I mention I used to have an early morning dorm desk job too? I would wear the craziest stuff to my shifts, I feel you!

    perfectly priya

  7. cute look,love your top

  8. oh Elana, I love both your top and your skirt so much, they're both so so fabulous (as your whole wardrobe, can't help but saying it!) :) it's great you found that purse that cheap, I wish we had thrift stores over here, I'm quite sure I'd save some money haha love these photos, the location is beautiful!

    Drawing Dreaming

  9. Lovely outfit, as always! I can't believe you bought that bag for $2...literally so jealous right now. It's the perfect color for fall!

    chīsana blogger

  10. I love your teal skirt! And I love your bag, too. Which by the way, I can't believe is thrifted! I need to remember to start thrifting again, I haven't gone in years!

  11. Aww thank you! I love your ring and style :) Lovely.