Guest Post: Katherine of Of Corgis & Cocktails

While I'm in Chicago for a journalism conference, I'm so excited to have some of my favorite bloggers and Flock Together girls guest posting for me. First up is Katherine, who I've made no secret about my undying love for. She often refers to us as "soul sisters in style" and I couldn't agree more. I can safely say that I would wear everything she owns. As I mentioned before, I'm having my guest bloggers share an item or an outfit with a story behind it and Katherine's gorgeous aqua flats are the perfect way to start it off. Enjoy!

Hi all! I'm Katherine and I blog over at Of Corgis & Cocktails and am excited to be posting for Elana while she is away at a journalism conference. I wanted to write about a treasured piece of my wardrobe and the story behind these shoes that I revere so much.

contrast & compare

The first time I went to France, I was 16. I saved up a few hundred dollars for my trip, and within the first few hours in Paris, I found a beautiful pair of 100 euro ballet flats. A teacher who was attending with our school suggested I wait until Nice because the shopping there was better. Someone should have slapped 16 year old me who apparently didn't know any better and left that pair of flats sitting in Printemps. It's been 8 years guys and I still regret it.

-259 : retail therapy

Fast forward to 2006. Due to regretting that moment for 2 years, I saved up more money and set a date for my mom and I to spend at Printemps during our vacation. 18 year old me was more determined, about to start college, and really wanted to buy the first pair of designer flats. Our first stop was the fifth floor of the women's department, where I found a pair of Marc Jacobs flats I loved. Aqua suede with a beautiful blue gem and just adorable beyond belief. They are the nicest pair of shoes I own to this day.

In A Galaxy Far Far Away

They have been everywhere with me. They have been to the Caribbean on the first vacation I ever took with my husband. They have been across the US - from California to Virgnia to Florida. I keep them in a special place in the closet and never leave them on the floor just in the small off chance Teemo decides to take up chewing shoes. I don't own many things that I truly view as such a special thing, but these are a representation of becoming more independent, finding my style, and memories I love. Plus, not many things last 6 years of styling and counting, especially shoes.

Where The World Goes by Like the Humid Air

Is there something in your closet you love beyond anything else? Or am I the crazy one with my 'Jasmine shoes' as my husband calls them?


  1. I love this story! The flat have held up really, really well. I'm impressed.

  2. Aw this is such an awesome story! I hate the regret of walking away from a purchase, but I'm glad to know you were able to get them back! I definitely have that item in my wardrobe - my precious Frock-a-Day dress from Modcloth. Apple print and elasticized bottom...perfect in my book. Only wear it on special occasions. Yey for favorite items!

  3. haha "jasmine shoes" so cute!
    I know katherine! I follow her blog too :) so cute that you guys blog for each other!


  4. Such a cute story! That is pretty awesome that these flats have traveled all over. They are beautiful. Not as an elaborate story, but I met my boyfriend while we were studying in Rome in 2008. I still have the dress I wore on our first date and I can't bring myself to get rid of it even though its seen better days. I hope for many more adventures of your "jasmine flats"

    xo Jenny

  5. I love these shoes and the story behind them, too. I'm also pretty impressed that you've made them last six years! I have a special love for my polka dot pants...and a pair of shoes I bought in France when I was 17. I don't wear them that often so they've lasted a long time, too. They get compliments every single time I wear them and it's always fun telling people where I got them. :)

  6. I love those shoes and this story.

  7. Gorgeous shoes! I love the story behind them too! My favorite pair of shoes are the heels I wore on my wedding day. I'll always remember finding them on a girls day with my mom and standing in them for hours that day until my feet hurt SO bad! But I got some pretty cute photos with them and they're still my favorite, mst beautiful pair of shoes to this day!

  8. oh wow those must be good quality indeed! many of mine i wear to the straws after a couple years. that is AMAZING you got to go back to France for them and mostly that you got to France in general not once but twice! Love that you take great care of them too, that always frustrates my hubs when ppl don't take good care of their things and now I take much better care bcuz of him even though most of mine are just "thrifted duds" : ). hope you're enjoyign the conference Elana & learning a ton!