Guest Post: Marisa of The Shades of Monet Chronicles

For today's post, I'm so excited to have Marisa from The Shades of Monet Chronicles. Marisa is one of those bloggers who leaves me in complete awe every time I visit her blog. She is the master at interesting color and print combinations and I'll never get over how completely unique her style is. In a sea of endless vintage-loving fashion bloggers, it's not easy to stand out from the crowd, but I always find something new and exciting I had never thought of when I visit Marisa's blog. Enjoy!

Hello there Room 334 readers, 

My name is Marisa and I blog over at The Shades of Monet Chronicles.  How very loverly to meet you all here today at Elana's darling blog while she is off off and away at a journalism conference.  Speaking of journalism, Elana asked if I could share an item or outfit of mine that has a story behind it,  so I bring you this coat laced with denim, leopard, and faux fur...yes, the whole shebang.  Though it's  definitely not the most "in vogue" looking coat in the world, I'm rather fond of it even in all it's big, gaudy, Jersey Shore-ridden glory.

Outfit Details: Coat: Express (2003) // Dress: Topshop // Scarf & Bow Tie: Vintage // Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Anyhow, I've held on tightly to it for the past 9 years because it brings me back to the beginning.  The beginning of my relationship with the dapper fellow that later became my husband, that is.  After sitting next to each other my junior year of college, in an evening class and pretty much so being smitten off my feet by his big blue eyes, this perfect gentleman of a guy so sweetly asked me out afterwards.   So on to a night of hot caramel apple ciders we did go.  We talked and talked and we took a very long walk - over a bridge and underneath a snowy sky.  This night has gone down in the books as "Starbucks in the Snow".  We watched the stars, listened to Jeff Buckley, and talked some more.  I knew he was the one.  He was wearing Candies cologne and I was wearing this big furry coat.  

 Ok, so that is the really condensed version of our story, but you get the point :)  The coat is truly near and dear to my heart.

And we lived happily ever after....

Thanks for reading along with me today darlings!

Love bunches, 
Marisa Noelle


  1. what a great story! and that last photo of his and hers shoes in the leaves -- cuUUUte! :)

  2. Thats really awesome that the coat has such a special story behind it!!! I love these photos, they are SO gorgeous! The coat and dress are perfect together :D

  3. She is adorable! I LOVE the leopard head scarf and this beautiful coat, especially since it has such a great story behind it!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. your coat is so cute marisa! and that photo of you and al is ADORABLE! i kept the first item of clothing i wore when i met my husband too - a grey shirt with a rainy day print on it

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  5. Oh my goodness! That dress is absolutely adorable and I LOVE the story behind your coat. That is just so special to have all those memories attached to a wonderful piece like that.


  6. Gorgeous coat, gorgeous you.
    I am off to check your shop.

  7. Such an adorable look! Love the coat! The combination of background, colors, textures and light is amazing!

  8. Awe, what a nice story! ;) And outfit!

  9. This story is just too sweet, I love it!

  10. Your story is one of the best ones around. I can envision it in my mind! I laughed out loud when you said he was wearing Candies cologne and you were wearing the coat. Too funny! You do look absolutely gorgeous in that coat though darling. I think it's a perfect match for you , as well as your hubs!
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  11. oh my goodness that is the sweetest story ever! I love how when you know you'll spend so long on that first date and it just seemed like of course you would even though you've just met. what a great story behind the coat, thanks for sharing Marisa and actually... i need to do this because my coat could be perhaps the reason my hubs and I are together : ) oh, and you look great in it & i'm lovin' that adorable little dress w/ it too.

  12. awwww. Love is so amazing and so is your coat (though not as amazing as love at all).

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