Guest post: Kristian of Never Fully Dressed (Without a Style)

My next blogger while I'm away in Chicago is the lovely Kristian of Never Fully Dressed (Without a Style). Now that I think back (way back to May of this year), I'm fairly positive that Kristian was the one the first blogging friends I made when I first started. Every time I visit Kristian's blog, I'm amazed at her stunning photos and how her styling ability makes even the simplest of items look exciting. I hope you enjoy her story of this outfit as much as I did!

Hello, all! I'm Kristian of Never Fully Dressed (Without a Style), guest blogging for Room 334 today. Elana asked for outfits with a story, which is fitting since she's away at a journalism conference.  Thinking about it though, as bloggers, we are always crafting a story with our clothes and our posts. When thinking of what to share on Never Fully Dressed, I like to incorporate my backgrounds and weekend-doings with what I am wearing, creating a sense of a visual story.

Below, you can see this when The Boy and I recently went on a trip to the true Middle of Nowhere- Molt, Montana.

Molt-12Molt2 CollageMolt-13Molt1 CollageMolt-10
What I Wore: Tank top and sweater (Forever 21),  skirt (Pin-up Girl), tights (Old- Target), ballet flats (Old Navy)

Molt, Montana is where the road ends- well, there are dirt roads out, but only one real road in. It's four houses- two abandoned- a general store and a hardware store that these days has been repurposed to be a cafe. Judging by the number of cars in the lot, probably twice the town's population was packed into the cafe. We opened the door to a place with every tabled filled; lucky for us, Molt's cafe does seating family style- that is, if there is a free seat, sit down! Honestly, it wasn't a hip crowd so much as the hip-replacement crowd with most people being over sixty or seventy, but what interesting people they were! At our table were two older couples whose life story we soon got- the born-again Christian Wilbur who sported a handle-bar mustache and his wife along with Dick who can do calligraphy, use divining rods and teach survival classes and his wife.

So why the crowd? Not the food, though its good, nor the company though you'll sit down strangers and rise friends. The real draw though is the bluegrass music from a rotating roster of bands; musicians are lined up more than a year in advance to play in the middle of nowhere! We stomped our feet along with the best of them, but did manage to pull ourselves away to explore the desolate, deteriorating world of Molt. Such a strange mix of lonely and friendly, of alive and abandoned, but I felt an adventurer in this outfit, ready for whatever the road had in store!


  1. I love Montana! although I can't say I have been to Molt. Beautiful post and outfit. love the tights and scarf and hat. You've done it again, awesome!!!

  2. oh that is such a fun story Kristian! i love hearing how you can find such excitment in the most unsuspecting of places, tot reminds me of my parents tiny farm town, one of which i think is at population 50 or something now... so crazy. the "hip replacement" crowd actually made me LOL. so fun you went over for the music, & that they have such a big bluegrass scene in the middle of nowhere. lovin' this casual but class look too, great for fall!