Things that caught my eye this week #22

I have an unhealthy obsession with this rose moon leather tote from ANN-YA

The I'd Rather Dance with You skirt from Half/Half has me swooning

Yes, these cat mittens are a thing and yes, I need them

The selection of vintage dresses from When Decades Collide is just amazing

The clutches by Roxy Marj come in the best patterns, my favorite being this eye one

All of the glass jewelry from Urban Revisions is stunning

Who couldn't use a big comfy scarf right now? This one from DeRoucheau would do the trick


  1. Cat mittens? Cat mittens!? *_* Eeeeeee!
    Haha, and why did you have to show me that infinity scarf? Gosh that looks so cozy and warm - and its so cold and miserable here...aha, it'd definitely be perfect for this weather!

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  2. I love that skirt so much! Its the perfect muted soft pretty colors and it has pockets! Darling. And those vintage dresses are super pretty too!

  3. I WANT THE CAT MITTENS!! Sooo cute and so is the eye print clutch, haha i want that too....and basically everything else on this list!

  4. Oh man, cat mittens and pastel florals - you do always manage to find some of the most perfect pieces out there :-) Every time I see one of these posts I really have to restrain myself from making far too many purchases for my wallet...hehe. Happy Monday darling! xo Marisa

  5. thank you for sharing my bracelets!!! xoxo

  6. Oooooh, those kitty mittens! I want a pair but I'm pretty sure I'd have to relinquish them over to the kids. (Those are seriously the cutest gloves ever!) You do have a skill for finding the prettiest stuff, the little fabric clutch and those gorgeous little rings are so fun and stylish with a different flare.

  7. Wow that is the coolest tote I have seen in a long time. Special one.


  8. You always find the coolest things. The eye clutch reminds me of Ancient Egypt!

  9. Thank you so much for your sweet comment!
    Cat mittens - hello! Can someone give these to me, please?

    Have a lovely day,