What's in my bag?

Hello and happy Easter! I've been wanting to do a "what's in my bag?" post for some time now, but just haven't gotten around to it until now. I pretty much only use small purses because I never need to carry around too much stuff, but I like these posts regardless. I think it's kind of a fun insight into bloggers' daily lives. Also, this was taken with my new camera! It came in yesterday and I have no idea how to use it other than on auto at this point really, but I'm insanely excited to learn.

1. Thrifted purse- This purse has made quite a few appearances on my blog and it's by far one of my favorites. I snagged this at a thrift store in the fall for about $4 if I'm remembering correctly and I can't get enough of the shape and size. Plus, the color goes with everything.

2. Urban Outfitters wallet- I got this wallet for Christmas from my parents after I put it on my list. I never thought I would be so in love with a wallet of all things, but this one is too pretty. Is it weird to look forward to taking my wallet out whenever I have to pay for something?

3. A pen- I pretty much always have a pen on me. It's part journalistic duty and part convenience. It seems as though I'm always in need of one.

4. H&M sunglasses- These are the sunglasses I picked up at the mall last month and they're the best. After I lost my Ray-Bans over the summer, I went without a pair for months since I couldn't find a pair that I liked. When I came across these, it was like kismet. Now, I feel the need to wear them almost every time I'm outside.

5. Gum- I always have gum on me. Always. Orbit wintermint is my favorite.

6. iPhone 4- I only got an iPhone last August, but I already can't remember what life was like before it. I'm one of those annoying people who can't be without it for more than a second. I found this mint and white case at Nordstrom on sale over winter break and it's perfect. 

7. Digital recorder- Working for a newspaper means conducting lots of interviews and always being ready in case of a story. I usually delegate and let one of the editors on my staff take big stories when they come up, but I always like to have a recorder on me just in case.

I know that I don't carry around anything too exciting, but I hope it was at least a little fun to read. Also, I realized that I forgot to include my keys in the picture. Oops.


  1. that wallet is so cute + I love how journalist you are with your recorder :)

  2. Ooo that really is a pretty wallet and I love the cute bag!

  3. It is always so fun to see what people have in their bag. Interesting what you need to keep on you as a reporter too; do you usually also have paper with you?

  4. I love that you have a digital recorder in your bag...haha, perfect for a journalist! :)

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  5. I actually love these posts, I want to do one but I usually have a purse/backpack that changes daily, and I don't think everyone wants to see that! Maybe I can stage some sort of "ideal" purse, although that's not really the point is it? If I did mine, I would totally have to lie, because I carry a lot of stuff around with me (Hunter gives me the hardest time, and yet, there have been so many times I've come in the clutch) I just really like being prepared! Anyway, liked seeing what you have in your purse, and is that a bedspread I spy?

    perfectly priya

  6. agh I've been meaning to do one of these for the longest time! I did a packing one for my weekend trips when I studied abroad but there's something about all the random day to day stuff that I carry around with me that makes this a little bit unique. :] love all your cute stuff!

  7. I always carry gum around with me as well! Rain by 5 Gum is my current addiction (: I love your purse and your wallet, they complement each other perfectly.
    - Ashley

    Not Haute