Well, here's what I wore on my 21st birthday because even going to bars can't stop me from wearing an A-line. This outfit is so simple that I almost considered not posting it, but then I remembered that I even though I wear this dress fairly often, it's hardly been on the blog and it's pretty great if you ask me. This was actually what I like to call my "I don't want to dress like a child or grandma like usual, but I still want to feel like myself" outfit for the night, or rather, my "I'm not picking up guys at the bar, but I still don't want them to think my I.D. is fake" look. That's the type of thought process that comes with looking like a 16-year-old for eternity. 

I had a really great birthday, even if it was fairly tame. I did drink a good amount (anything more than one is considered a lot for me), but didn't get too crazy. My friends kept buying me fruity drinks that didn't taste like alcohol, which, yes, I know will be the death of me for years to come. We ended up only going to two bars — the Tiki Bar at Downtown Disney and another bar in Old Town Orange — before my friend who was driving had to go home, but it was still a lot of fun. My family took me to the Cheesecake Factory the next night (a birthday tradition for me, one of my brothers, and his wife. Mostly because of our love of cheesecake.) and my family all got drinks with me and ordered me another one of those dangerously delicious blended drinks that tastes like dessert. It was great. Best of all, my brother and sister-in-law gave me $50 to Modcloth, so now I can get new things despite the $800 I had to pay to get my parents' car fixed since I damaged it. Stupid poles are stupid. 

I may or may not have freaked out when my neighbors started hanging out in their driveway next door to me while I was taking pictures, which explains why there are so few here. I hope this background of my front porch hasn't been too boring. I haven't had much time to venture outside of my house to take pictures, and I've found that the light in this spot is perfect. 

Speaking of not having time, I'm way behind on reading and commenting on my favorite blogs so forgive. I'll make up for it by catching up and posting creepy, way-longer-than-they-need-to-be comments on all of them ASAP.

Dress: Buffalo Exchange
Shoes: Need Supply Co.
Belt: H&M


  1. Hope that you had an amazing birthday, Elana! I think that everyone drinks a little more than they plan on their 21st - but it is good that you didn't get to cray. :) I'm loving this dress! Perfect for a night out on the town!


  2. Very pretty dress and sounds like you had a great 21st! Yes, those fruity drinks do come up on you rather quickly, happens to me all the time! :/

  3. Love that dress! Glad to hear you had an awesome birthday!

    Ladyface Blog

  4. Happy birthday! Sounds like a wonderful time! And simple outfits are good too.

  5. Happy 21st Birthday! This outfit is so lovely, the print of your dress is awesome and those pointy-toed shoes go perfectly with it!

  6. I love the print on your dress! Happy belated birthday! I go through the same thought process about what to wear when I go out because I still look like I'm 16 at 24! lol And I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks drinking more than one drink is a lot!

  7. Happy Birthday!! I absolutely love you hair straight - va- va-va-voom! And this looks like perfect Summer birthday outfit.

    Merch Maven

  8. Haha, perfect dress to fix that problem ;)
    And pff, in 30 years, that whole looking-like-a-16-year-old will be an awesome curse.
    Love the pretty dress!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  9. Happy 21st! Hehe, I definitely know the pain of forever looking like a 16-year-old! I still get asked if I want a children's menu when I go out to eat, and which high school I go to/what grade I'm in. :P I don't think I look that young, buuuuut apparently everyone else does.
    Love your outfit! That dress is super cute!

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  10. This is such a pretty outfit! I LOVE the dress and those shoes are gorgeous:) Sounds like you had a fun birthday. Hahahah me too, except instead of looking like i'm 16 years old, I look like i'm 13. Soooo many people are surprised when I tell them i'm not in middle school anymore :P

  11. You look so so beautiful in this dress! I'm glad you had a wonderful time with your friends on your birthday- fruity drinks are always the best!!

    Xo, Hannah


  12. aww you look so lovely in that dress! I hope you had a great time at your birthday, having a lot of drinks (I still consider it very akward that you can only drink at 21! haha)
    Ester from Drawing Dreaming

  13. Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday! You're just like me -- any more than one drink is a lot, and I can only drink things where I can taste no alcohol. And mmmmmmm cheesecake! Their vanilla bean cheesecake is my favorite. This dress is so cute! Classy, yet not at all stuffy! You look lovely. :)

    xox Sammi

  14. This dress is beautiful on you. I can see why you'd wear it all the time!

  15. I'm so glad they got you a giftcard, because hey, you just can't spend that on fixing a car. Which sucks, yikes!

    Sounds like a fab birthday, and a beautiful dress. LOL at your descriptive reasoning!

    perfectly priya

  16. Happy Birthday! Your post makes me miss te cheesecake factory. Went there last time I was in America and it was awesome.

  17. Oh wait one more thing: I love that you said "going to a bar can't stop me from wearing an A-line" a men sister! I have definitely worn my share of weird, inappropriate (for a bar, meaning entirely appropriate in real life) things going out (like my 49ers sweatshirt one time!). Go girl.

    perfectly priya