That Moon Song

If you're reading this from somewhere other than Southern California and you're resentful of my bare legs, don't worry, I'm back in the Midwest. It's actually not all that bad here, but I still can't help but feel like these photos, which were taken last Wednesday, are nothing but a distant memory. Gone are my days of sleeping in and not showering until noon; I had my first day back at work yesterday, and my first classes start today. It's going to be a hectic semester, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't live for the craziness. 

That's not to say I don't still miss the day these pictures were taken. This dress was actually given to me from Jenna of Smitten as part of Flock Together's Secret Santa exchange. Anyone who's read Jenna's blog knows that she's awesome, but this dress just proved it even more. I had been eyeing this Monteau striped number on Modcloth for what seems like ages, and leave it to her to know exactly what I would love. I probably wore this dress at least three times over break, but this mix of pretty colors is probably my favorite.

I took these pictures my favorite park with one of my best friends, Kylie. Kylie and I have been friends since I was 7 and she was 6, when I moved three houses down the street from her. We're complete opposites, which might be why we both love our friendship so much. Recently, we realized it had been ages since we had taken pictures together that we actually both liked, so we made an afternoon of it. Of course, I also forced her to take my outfit pictures, and since she's ridiculously pretty and stylish, I made her let me take her outfit pictures as well.

I'm by no means a photographer, but I'm a little bit obsessed with these pictures of Kylie. There's a ton more, and I'm considering just devoting a post to them if anyone else would be interested in seeing them. Kylie is leaving for Australia soon to study abroad for five months, and it'll be the longest we've ever gone without seeing each other, so a post full of pictures of her just might be the perfect, creepy love send-off. 

I'm not sure how hectic things are going to be from here on out, so I apologize if posts get sparse. I have Mary back in my life to be my professional outfit photographer, though, so hopefully it won't be too difficult to have posts regularly. 

Dress: Gift from Jenna
Cardigan: Thrifted
Necklace: Fifth & Mae
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Belt: c/o Born Pretty (use code EKT10 for 10% off)


  1. that's so fun to have friends you always see often. the dress from Jenna is gorgeous, and i love your friend's shorts! I'm def up for seeing more : )

  2. Ahh I am so glad you like this dress, it looks so good on you!! I love the blue cardigan you paired it with :) And your friend is so stylin' too, love her shorts! My bff went to Africa for 6 months and it was way too long!

  3. I love your statement necklace with that stripy dress! ^___^

  4. I looove your dress and bow belt! I've been hunting for the perfect bow belt for ages!

  5. Adorable dress!! The stripes going in different directions is really fun!!

  6. Jenna did so well with that dress! It looks awesome on you, and the blue cardigan is perfect with it. And I have those same shoes in white!! I love them. I can't wait to wear flats and no tights again, hehe. :)

    xox Sammi

  7. Those colors are so perfect with that gorgeous black and white dress!

  8. This striped dress is so cute on you. And your friend is adorable!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. So jealous of being able to go bare legged! Although now that you're back in the midwest it's not quite the same is it, even if it's not that bad? :/
    LOVE that dress and cardigan combo. The mint color looks amazing paired with that black and white striped dress!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  10. okay seriously, when you're back home for summer we're def hanging out.

    at this volume

  11. Oooh, both of your outfits are so cute Elana! I love your mix of sky blue and coral, those colors are perfect together.
    Also, Kylie has such awesome style! I want to copy her outfit now haha.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  12. I guess everyone are starting the New Year with a little bit of craziness and hectic-ness?(I know that's not a word) :D Love this dress on you, the black flats are adorable. And I would love to see more photos of Kylie too, she's so pretty!

  13. beautiful ladies! you and your friend are equally lovely and stylish! I love that dress on you, Elana! such a very flattering cut, and i'm sure the black & white stripes will go with dozens of outfits. I would be totally interested in a "creepy love send-off" for Kylie, haha! she's got great style!!

    perfectly priya

  14. You are BOTH so cute! I love love LOVE that dress (stripes are just always a yes in my book), especially with the colors! The necklace is divine.
    And Kylie has such great style, too! She's making me want a pair of floral shorts even though it's January and rainy all the time.

  15. That dress is perfect and I love how the coral necklace and tiffany blue card look together. Kylie's outfit is super cute, and I would love to see more pictures :) Y'alls outfits make me wish that summer would come sooner!

  16. You look so adorable - I am loving that dress and belt together! Also, your friend Kylie is so adorable - those shorts are fantastic! It sucks when your friends leave though, huh? My friend was in U.A.E. for many months last year - no fun!


  17. I am obsessed with that dress. And the mint cardi you paired it with is perfection!

    By the way, I have an international giveaway on my blog. Collaborating with Dressale to give out $200 worth of dresses of your choice! You can enter here:

  18. I really like the colours you've put together, you look lovely xx