Things That Caught My Eye This Week #40

This necklace from Deuce Fashion is stunning.

I've never been much of a sweatshirt fan, but Two String Jane is quickly changing that.
Not only do I love how seriously breathtaking this necklace is, but I love that Mineralogy Jewelry is based out of Chicago.
This dress, from Jordan de Reuter, is beautiful and must be mine.
I probably favorite art and graphic design prints more than anything else on Etsy surprisingly, and this one from Rock The Custard had to be shared.
This marble bag from Hokoda is absolutely lovely.
Give me everything from Diament Jewelry. I mean it. Everything.


  1. I love that holy shit balls print. I need to get that and hang it right by my front door so I get to see it every time I enter the house.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  2. Two String Jane has THE BEST sweatshirts. I still haven't ordered one, but only because I can never decide which one(s) to get. So many cute things!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  3. THAT DRESS O.O whyyyyyyyyy is it so expensive!?
    also v glad you introduced me to diament jewelry. i'm so picky about jewelry and i love all of it!

    xo nicole

  4. I am totally a sweatshirt girl, and those ones are adorable! I'm trying not to buy any more since I don't wear them as much, but I'm seriously tempted!!

    Also love the fruit (earrings? pins??) at the bottom. So dainty and lovely.

    ♥ perfectly PRIYA

  5. I want all of these things. These posts of yours make me want to go shopping, stop it, Elana. Stop it.

  6. Ooo, that necklace is so unusual - I love it :)