Look, I don't mean to brag, but I'm getting smarter. Since I am a hoarder of clothes, I end up taking my items to Buffalo Exchange pretty often in hopes of the store taking them off my hands and giving me store credit in exchange. Usually, though, they ended up passing on all but one or two items if I'm lucky. A couple of weeks ago, though, I used my college degree, did some critical thinking, and called the store ahead of time to see what kinds of items they were looking for. I know, I know. I'm brilliant. You don't need to tell me. This time, I brought in just what they were looking for, the store ended up taking a bunch of my items, and I walked out with a pretty decent amount of store credit. Because of this, I returned last week with a friend, and I walked out with this dress, jacket, and another jacket, because a girl can dream that one day it will get cool enough to wear layers. Until then, I have to limit myself to wearing this jacket at night, like I did last Friday when I went to a nearby Oktoberfest. I really love this jacket because it's a little different than I normally wear (it even came with a detachable hood), and it has the ability to make pretty lace lace dresses like this one a little more casual and appropriate for a night of drinking a lot of beer (or if you're me, a night of drinking one beer and then staying sober to play designated driver). And while I certainly don't need yet another cream or lace dress, I couldn't resist this one. Do you really expect to pass up a $6 dress with a sweetheart necklace this adorable? I didn't think so.

I also picked up this necklace the same day at a little store in downtown Fullerton that I just discovered called Share & Do Good. I fell in love with the shop at first sight, and my love for it grew as I talked with the owner and learned that it was filled with items that support good causes. I eyed the 31 Bits pieces for a long time, but once I saw this beaded necklace from International Sanctuary, a brand that employs survivors of human trafficking, I knew it had to be mine. It's lovely, different than anything I own, and it helps support a great cause AND a local business. Sold. If you live in or near Orange County, I highly recommend checking out Share & Do Good, or just check out International Sanctuary's items at Purpose Jewelry. This post isn't sponsored in the slightest; I just really love and believe in these businesses. 

Also, I'm not sure why I've been wearing so much white and blue lately. It's just been a coincidence, but I'm starting to notice the pattern. Oh, well.

Dress, jacket: Buffalo Exchange
Shoes: Modcloth, from a Facebook swap
Necklace: International Sanctuary via Share & Do Good


  1. Cute look and how smart of you ;) I love this jacket.


  2. Calling ahead makes so much sense. We have Plato's closet, not Buffalo exchange, and I feel like its always so difficult to figure out what they're interested in. The jacket is my favorite.

  3. You were so smart to call ahead! I honestly would've never thought of that and thanks for the tip :)

    Cute outfit!


  4. Bahaha, yes, you are BRILLIANT!
    I love what you walked out with - this jacket especially. It's perfect for fall/winter!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  5. That... is a brilliant idea. It seems so obvious, but I've definitely never thought about calling a secondhand shop beforehand to find out what they're looking for.

    Great finds, too! I don't think I'd ever be able to pass up a $6 dress.

  6. Social entrepreneurship is just fantastic- especially when it produces such a lovely necklace. You look great in it and the white dress.

  7. Wow- good scores! I've always had bad luck selling there until last time I went. I felt on top of the world when they actually gave me a decent gift card over the super judgy looks- haha! This dress looks so good on you!

  8. Dang! Sweet jacket and I love the dress... way to go! I just love Buffalo Exchange.

  9. That jacket looks awesome! I want a Buffalo Exchange here, stat!