Leather Jacket

Despite the fact that I didn't do too much of anything that was Halloween-related, I still had a great Halloween week and weekend. I was mostly just excited to go to Disneyland the day before Halloween, especially since it had been a while since I had visited during this season. As I've mentioned before, my best friend, Whitney works at Disneyland, and her friend, Jessie, visited from Kansas last week. Jessie had never been to Disneyland before, so Whit got both of us in so I could tag along for her first visit. I will never outgrow that place or get tired of it, so any time I get to visit my second home is appreciated. It was the perfect day to go as it wasn't too crowded or too hot, and we were able to catch the Halloween decorations before they left. The lovely company didn't hurt either.

This is what I wore to see the movie "Birdman" last week with a bunch of my friends. I borrowed this dress from Erica, and like most Flock Together pieces, I don't want to give it back. This print is so unique, and it's incredibly light and airy. It paired almost too perfectly with my new leather jacket that I picked up at Buffalo Exchange. It's from Forever 21 originally, but it was only $14 (bought with store credit) and had the tags still on. I have a feeling you'll be seeing this beauty a lot. As for "Birdman," it was one of the best movies I've seen this year by far. The film was more imaginative and captivating than I ever could have imagined, and Michael Keaton and Edward Norton turned in career-changing performances. It's getting Oscar buzz, so I highly recommend checking it out once it's in wide release.

The weekend itself was a little more subdued, but in a good way. I had a mellow Halloween night watching old "Mr. Show" episodes with my friends Adam and Jon, and I spent a good amount of time with family when I wasn't working. 

Side note: If you aren't big into the sketch comedy scene and don't know what "Mr. Show" is, it's worth your while to look up some sketches on YouTube. The HBO show stars David Cross ("Arrested Development") and Bob Odenkirk ("Breaking Bad"), and a bunch of other comedians made appearances before they were famous. It's one of the few shows that HBO never put on HBO Go, but it's legendary in the comedy world. I had only seen a bunch of random sketches, but I'm so excited to finally be watching through the whole series. It's absolutely brilliant.

Dress: Borrowed from Erica
Jacket: Buffalo Exchange
Necklace: Made by my sister-in-law
Shoes: Modcloth, from a swap


  1. There's certainly nothing wrong with a good, relaxing Halloween! Sometimes it's just so overrated!

    I love the pretty print on the dress and how it's such a nice contrast with the jacket.

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  2. Love the leather jacket! I'm learning that they're kind of the perfect fall staple. I probably wear mine too much.

    Also, I've been DYING to see Birdman. Definitely going to try checking it out soon.

  3. I'm so excited to see Birdman!! I love love love this look too, I can see why you don't want to give the dress back.


  4. The colors in that dress are beautiful. The texture of the dress with the jacket are amazing together.

  5. You look amazing- I love how perfectly paired the necklace (and your lipstick?) is to the colors in the dress. And that leather jacket is amazing. I think I rarely see really dark colors near your face but they do wonderful things your complexion. Just gorgeous, lady!

  6. You look stunning! This cut isn't like your typical dresses and I like it. The coloring is so soft and pretty on you. You've been killin' it with being different in your style lately.

  7. What a lovely dress! The print is very unique! It looks like a watercolor painting! I've heard great things about the Birdman! Must see it!

  8. I somehow missed this post last time I was reading your blog- glad I caught it because I too saw Birdman last weekend, we went on Halloween. It was SO GOOD. I have had the hardest time with sitting through movies lately, but I totally loved this one. Love this jacket, good find. I wore my F21 faux leather jacket a ton last winter and I want one in this moto style for this winter! Erica's dress looks so cute on you!

  9. Forever 21 has some great faux leather pieces right now (and even in the past year or so). I love this leather jacket. I have a really similar one and it instantly makes anything I wear with it look 10x cooler. I think yours looks great with the unique print on this dress!

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  10. Love the colors and print of this dress! And such fun details with the turquoise necklace, sheer shoes, and sleek leather jacket :D

    <3 Megan

  11. I have a feeling Hunter would be very interested in Mr. Show, he is a hugeeee stand-up fan and I feel like I'm always telling him things I learn on your blog :) p.s. I spy a kiddo in the back of one of these photos! This dress is beautiful and looks great on you!

    ♥ perfectly Priya