Lovely Dresses for Lovely Weekends

I'm going to keep this post short and sweet because I'm writing it during a free moment over the busy weekend. I just want to drop by real quick to say that everything about this weekend is/was wonderful for so many reasons. It included seeing multiple of my favorite people who were in town, a night staying at my parents' house, good food, a birthday celebration for my mom, and one boy who I may or may not have gotten to see for the first time in a couple of months. Should I tell that story soon? I'll get around to it eventually, I'm sure.

This is dress is one of those pieces that has sat in my closet for a few months. It's a Modcloth piece that I got from a Facebook swap, and for some reason I didn't love it at first when I got it. I've since grown to appreciate it, and I'm glad to have another easy black dress to throw on. This was the perfect outfit for grabbing lunch and walking around Downtown Fullerton with my brother and oldest childhood friend on Saturday before heading to my parents' house. I'm seriously loving these Saturdays off.

I swear I've been meaning to write a new pop culture post, but I've barely been able to keep up with outfit posts. I'm still consuming an unhealthy amount of TV, though, don't worry. I'm all too excited about upcoming reboots/revivals/dreams coming true to even think about anything else. There's the X-Files limited run series happening, a Mr. Show reunion-esque show headed to Netflix, and Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion are fulfilling every Firefly fan's biggest wish by creating a new show together. So much to be happy about.

Dress: Modcloth via a swap
Boots: Reflections
Belt: Vintage
Ring: c/o Tiny Mountains


  1. This dress looks lovely on you, Elana! You always accessorize dresses in ways I wouldn't think of myself -- I think dressing it down with the taupe booties was a great choice, and I love the ring. And I want to hear about the boy... I heard about the Mr. Show thingy but I guess it's only 4 episodes?

    xox Sammi

  2. It's super cute and the belt is great with it. And I see you're back at your parent's house. Hope you enjoyed the entire weekend!

  3. That belt makes it turn into such a unique and chic look. Glad things are going well, if busy.

  4. I completely agree- you can never have too many black dresses! Great outfit, love the belt!

  5. I can't believe you didn't fall in love with that dress as soon as you saw it, it's beautiful!! I need to join these Facebook swaps you do because you always seem to be getting such amazing pieces!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes