Mustard Scallops

The hardest part about working Monday through Friday, is by far dealing with how short the weekends feel. This past weekend was honestly wonderful, and I couldn't stand to see it end. One of the most exciting parts was getting to meet up with Erica in LA and attend Modcloth IRL with her on Saturday. I had met Erica in person about a year ago, and after hanging out with her again over the weekend, I'm beginning to think that I was crazy for not making it a point to see her all the time. She's the the best, and we had an absolute blast together. I have a bunch of pictures from the Modcloth event, so I think I'm going to try to do a post on it, but it was great. There were gorgeous dresses on display and ready to try on, jewelry and vintage clothes to buy, and adorable Modcloth employees to chat with. Erica and I both fangirled over meeting Susan Kroger, Modcloth's co-founder, and Winston, that adorable pug mascot. I'll try to post all of my photos this week, but the meantime, check out my Instagram for a few photos.

This outfit was one that I wore to work last week, and it's a new favorite of mine. I love the mustard color of this top and the scalloped detail is beautiful. It's nice not having a dress code for work, but part of me does kind of wish I had an excuse to challenge myself more with business professional attire. Though I have to admit, I like the fact that someone in my office building most likely thinks of me "that girl in the polka dot dress." I wouldn't be surprised. 

The rest of the weekend was filled with my best friend's birthday party, a date night, visiting my parents again, and of course, Game of Thrones. Spending quality time with a guy is cool and all, but Game of Thrones is back, and nothing else matters. 

Shirt: Shop Ruche
Skirt: J. Crew Factory 
Flats: UO


  1. LOVE this outfit! For one, you're wearing one of my favorite color combos. Two, that skirt is just adorable. :)

  2. I loved all your IG snaps from Modcloth IRL. It looked like so much fun!

  3. You look so pretty, Elena! I love that your office probably thinks of you as the girl in the polka dot dress; that is the BEST identity to have!
    Also, yes! Game of Thrones. Thankfully I am married to someone as fanatic about it (and most other shows) as I am, so our quality time includes immediately watching new episodes.

  4. I completely understand the short weekend feeling!There's never enough time to have fun! At least you got to your friend and ohmygod i can't believe you got to go to Modcloth IRL!! That's so exciting!
    I also love this outfit as well - I wish I had a more relaxed dress code but I work in politics and I feel like some of my wardrobe choices are a bit limited.

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  5. Ah! That event sounds so fun- and you and Erica hanging out? HOW COOL.

    I like the mustard- it is fun to see you in some separates.

  6. Your big smiles always make me smile, haha I just adore that second to last photo!
    You look so bright and cheery with this happy yellow top and pretty skirt. I love that print!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. Lovely outfit! I love when there's no dress code involved because then there's a ton of room to experiment and play around with outfits. I always felt like it would be too suffocating to have to wear something super professional everyday but I guess some people prefer not having to pick out something to wear on a daily basis.

  8. Gorgeous outfit! I do love wearing mustard colourd to brighten up an outfit :) x

    Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  9. I love the printed skirt & it was so much fun to see the Modcloth IRL event through you and Erica! Hope you're having a great day! xo Hannah

    The Braided Bandit BLOG
    The Braided Bandit SHOP

  10. Oh man, that Modcloth event looked so fun from the pics- and how awesome that you went with Erica! I love the extra pizazz the scallops give the already awesome top. Have a good weekend, lady! Hope it doesn't go by too fast :)

  11. You look adorable! Also, the Modcloth event looked wonderful - I was jealously drooling over those pictures on Facebook; that sentence sounded a tad creepy. Oh well, it is true! :P I can't wait to get my butt to Pittsburgh in September to be in ModCloth city. Catching up on your posts - glad to see that things are pretty kick ass: job, sun, Game of Thrones, AND a boy?! What more could you ask for!?


  12. Ahh that looked so fun from your insta pics! You look adorable - love that skirt! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

  13. I'm soooo glad we got to meet up IRL for #ModClothIRL! Yesss we MUST hang out again! It's so nice to bond with someone over podcasts haha. Love the mustard&navy together! I need more mustard in my closet.