Etsy Favorites #49: Feminism Edition

In honor of International Women's Day last week, I wanted to share some of my favorite feminism inspired pieces of clothing and accessories on Etsy handmade by some talented women. I'm incredibly inspired by all of these women, and supporting their shops is a great use of the Internet.

I'm all about this "Catcallin' Ain't Cute" T-shirt from Sarah Duyer because looking cute doesn't mean misogynist comments are:
This Feminist as Fuck necklace from Leah Ball is cool as fuck:

I've been waiting for Michelle of Creature Type to release her Boss Babes coloring book ever since she starting showing bits and pieces of it on her Instagram. I'm a big believer that you're never too old for coloring, especially when it means coloring badass ladies.

I am positive that I would instantly feel empowered the moment I put on this Girl Boss necklace from Daylight Derived:

I've loved and followed Modern Girl Blitz for quite some time, and I almost shared every piece from her shop today. I controlled myself though, and I'm quite partial to this Feminism is Cool tote:
I think all fashion bloggers/fashion lovers/people who put on clothes are tired of hearing the question, "who are you trying to impress?" The answer is on this I Dress for Myself t-shirt from Doughnut Daze:

Brains are the new tits. Enough said. I like the way Ectogasm thinks:

It's always been incredibly important to me that I can be independent. I don't need a necklace to prove that, but I do want this Don't Need You necklace from Misandry Designs.

One thing I struggle with is that I spend most of my time with a group of well-meaning, video game loving boys, who don't always understand feminism. This Princess Peach Fight Like a Girl pin from Sayonara Baby would be one way to start.


  1. "brains are the new tits" Oh I love that one!!

  2. This is a great compilation. Love the Princess Peach pin especially- I love pins and she's always my go-to character!!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  3. Etsy Favorites is such a great way to feature collections based on a topic. Etsy is so densely populated with talented artists that it can be difficult to sort through the products, even with the search option. Favorites collections like this make it so much easier as a shopper to find a whole curated theme of great products.

    Lindsey @ Nosto