Black Collared Top + Gingham Skirt

This week is...not my week. You might remember that I recently had to pay to get my car's rear window replaced when I found it shattered. That was only two weeks ago, but I now find myself having to pay even more for my car. It had been making some weird noises and when two different lights went on indicating that something was wrong with my brakes, I took it in to get checked out yesterday. Turned out some wire had broken (possibly "chewed by a small animal" they tell me) and two tires need to be changed, which means that I'm out another $500. So that's fun. That also means that all of the money I've been saving for an apartment is gone and all the money I made from selling clothes is, well, not going toward new clothes.

This all a very long way of saying that I'll be seriously remixing my wardrobe going forward as buying new is definitely not an option. Luckily, I could wear this skirt every day until I die and I'd be happy. The same goes for this top. Maybe I've actually done a better job at buying versatile pieces than I've been giving myself credit for? We're about to find out. Stay tuned. Also, if you'd like to send me money and/or clothes, I'm just saying that I wouldn't be opposed to it. Not that I'm desperate or whining. Me? Never.

Top: Buffalo Exchange (similar black sleeveless button down)
Skirt: Ruche (similar gingham skirt)
Sandals: Thrifted (similar pink sandals)


  1. Aw, no!! I'm sorry all that happened to you!! Ugh, cars can be such a trouble to keep up with... I can only imagine. Hopefully that's all you'll have to go through with it, though, and nothing else will be wrong with it. Fingers crossed!!

    On the upside, your gingham skirt is very cute. And I love the color of those sandals, too!!

  2. UGH, when 1 bad thing happens everything happens hey?! I am glad you've been able to get it fixed though. And you look super cute, thankfully you're an expert remixer so you'll make your wardrobe work

  3. What a cute skirt! I'm sorry you've had some bad luck lately - I've learned to roll with the punches and only worry about what I can control (it's sometimes overwhelming when so much happens and you can't affect it!).

    I'm sure sunnier days are ahead!

  4. Adulthood, right? That sucks!!

    Let's do some kinda remix-y link up (doesn't have to be an actual link-up- but just something that inspires us BOTH to wear our closets instead of buying stuff!) That's been my goal for the year (that...hasn't happened) but I just officially booked my flight to Europe, so I HAVE to watch what I spend now. Let me know if you have any cool ideas!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  5. I'm hoping things have since begun to look up for you, since car troubles just seem to make all aspects of life worse :/

    However, I do enjoy seeing you remix your closet. You do it so well that most of the time I have to be told you've worn X, Y or Z before. This gingham skirt seems so versatile too! Very cute!