Schoola Modcloth Dress + Cat Eye Sunglasses

I can hardly think of what to write because of how hot it is. I'm beginning to forget what it is about summer that I've always loved so much. Without three months off from school anymore, it just seems like a lot of sweat and lack of comfort. I'll stick with my light breeze and cardigans, thank you.

Is it really already Monday? Things have been fairly busy lately as I've been trying to make more plans now that I don't have to be up at 4 a.m. every day. One of my close friends was in town over the weekend, which seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life as more and more friends move away. As much as I don't want to stay in Orange County forever, it's nice to still be at "home base" when everyone comes back to visit family. Speaking of family, I wore this Modcloth dress, which I got from Schoola, to hang out at my parents' house yesterday. It's by far one of the best things I own. I've noticed that I haven't been accessorizing much lately, which I'm okay with. I looked through some old blog posts not too long ago, and I cringed at how much I piled on jewelry. I think I felt that I needed to have more details to photograph if I wanted to my posts to be interesting. I still have too much jewelry that I refuse to get rid of, but I like feeling more secure in my personal style that I don't feel the need to do that just for the post. 

Plus, this dress is just that good. No jewelry required.

Also, congrats to Kassie Harris for winning my giveaway with Luella, and thank you to everyone who has entered!

Can we talk about Game of Thrones? Goddamn. This season was so incredibly satisfying, especially after an extremely lackluster season last year. Now that the show doesn't have the books to follow, it seems like the writers and showrunners have just decided to give viewers what we want and make it pure entertainment. Big explosion? Sure. Give truth to that huge fan theory that have been driving people crazy for years? You bet! I love it. I love it so much.

Sunglasses: Modcloth  (similar)
Sandals: OC Swap Meet


  1. That dress is gorgeous on you! Xx

  2. Love that dress! And I agree with you about GoT! Glad to see someone was able to put together a blog post after watching last night!
    Penniless Socialite

  3. I always love this dress whenever I see it on you! And I totally relate about piling on jewelry/accessories in old posts... and the reason is the same too – I felt like not having many outfit "details" wouldn't be interesting enough (and I still ask myself that sometimes). But like you, I've gone much more simplistic when accessorizing these days, which I like. Anyway, I don't know how you guys are surviving in this heat, but I hope you can spend lots of time in A/C!

  4. That dress is so cute! I love it! Funnily enough, we're also getting crazy crazy heat here in the midwest too. It's too dang hot to accessorize. Love this outfit and post!

  5. Game of Thrones!!!! Ah it was so good last night. I'm super sad to wait so long for the next season though.

    Also hell yes this dress is awesome and doesn't really need any accessories. It has a great print. And I feel you about summer. It's never been my favorite but it's particularly crappy when you just have to work all day and be hot every time you step outdoors.

    Jamie |

  6. This dress is so cute, love the print on it and short sleeves. I totally know what you mean about it being too hot and how when you don't have days off it's not as fun. I'm like "yeah this would be great pool weather, too bad I'm working 11 hours today :(" BOO adulting

  7. I love the print of this dress! And I feel ya, girl. It has been devastatingly hot & humid in Nashville for the past few weeks :( already excited for Fall!

    ♥ perfectly Priya

  8. I literally just stared at this gorgeous dress for a minute- which looks like a zillion bucks on you! It feels clean and fresh and sort of has "an Audrey Hepburn film meets modern day life" vibe going for it. No need for anything else with it ;)

    Game of Thrones!!! I'll admit an unpopular opinion that it seemed like this season had some very clunky spots to me- it feels very obvious that the writers and showrunners are trying to wind down the series, so some storylines felt a bit rushed, but- overall those big events happening that people have been waiting for? So, SO made up for those occasional rushing moments. (especially the storyline of every Stark and the epic battles.)

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