Wedding Part 2: Getting Ready

Welcome to part 2 of wedding photos - another huge photo dump! I swear, choosing which pictures to share is impossible. I wasn't planning on sharing too many ready getting ones; in fact, I had planned to share first look in the same post, but I ended up choosing way too many. So enjoy a million pictures again with more to come! 

Throughout the whole wedding planning process, I tried really hard to keep our priorities in mind. I read a lot of blog posts and Facebook/Reddit comments about what former brides wish regretted, and I tried to remember that when it came to some of the details. My accessories? Important to me. Getting ready pics? Not so much. We got ready at the hotel with no matching robes or mimosas - though plenty of snacks and small glasses of champagne were involved. Jon and I didn't really want a big spectacle in general during our wedding, so like the whole event, getting ready was simple and filled with laughs. 

In this post: details on hair/makeup and accessories (including our best DIY!). 

Hair and Makeup
I've already mentioned how lucky we got with our wedding day as a whole, but one of the other biggest cases of luck being on our side was the fact that I had a bridesmaid who is a hair and makeup artist (and works weddings). One of my best friends, Casey, always cuts mine and Jon's hair, and asking her to handle my hair and makeup was a no brainer. It was one of the first decisions made after we got engaged and I was so grateful that she was more than willing even though she was a bridesmaid too. I've always been a little insecure about how terrible I am with anything involving beauty, but I feel so comfortable with Casey and I knew I wanted to feel that way on the day of. I trust her completely so I pretty much just told her that I wanted an updo (since I wear my hair down every day) and I wanted makeup that would make me feel special, but nothing too heavy. She figured out the rest and completely nailed what I wanted, of course. She was such a trooper doing not only my hair and makeup, but my mom's, Jon's mom, curls on all of my bridesmaids, my nieces' hair, lashes on all of the girls plus my sisters-in-law, AND getting ready herself. Plus, she did it all while having a great time and not a single complaint. Is it too biased to want to recommend of my closest friends to every bride I know?

One of the easiest decisions I made was the shoes. B.A.I.T is my favorite shoe brand, and I looked on their site before looking anywhere else. It didn't take long to come across this pair, and they immediately felt perfect - gorgeous, sparkly, and something blue. I wanted colorful shoes with a low heel, and these were great because they managed to be something that I wouldn't wear every day, but they still felt like me. Plus, they ended up being super comfortable to wear all day. A miracle. 

I went back and forth on a few pairs of earrings, but ultimately I couldn't get over this gorgeous pair from Absolute Vintage MC on Etsy. I wanted something vintage or vintage-inspired, and I loved how much of a statement these were. I also knew that I wanted to wear glasses so I decided to wear these vintage cat eyes that made my whole look feel a bit more retro.

There aren't any pictures of it here (since I put it in after the ceremony), but floral hair clip that you can see in yesterday's post was from The Blooming Gift on Etsy as well. That was very last minute since I didn't know if it would be too much with the earrings and veil, but I had been thinking about a hair clip for months that I finally decided to just go for it. I had Casey switch out my veil for the clip after the ceremony, and I'm so glad I did it. 

Okay, the detail I might be most proud of is our boutonnieres. I saw a picture of some made with legos on Pinterest and Jon and I were sold. We incorporated a lot of pop culture details in our decor, and Jon and I both love legos. We had each of the groomsmen choose a character, and I found a lego figure marketplace to buy individual characters. A few years ago, I got Jon a custom made Jack Bauer Lego for Christmas, we decided pretty quickly that he would use that one. 24 is his favorite show (a fact that I MAY have worked into our vows), so it was a nice little touch. I bought some pink and yellow flowers from Michaels (the bright colors don't really come through here), as well as some ribbon and pin backings. Along with some hot glue, my bridesmaids were able to help put these together fairly easily going off of the inspirational pic. It was such a great personal touch that added in a bit of pop culture and a bit of "us"!


  1. Choosing a favorite is impossible because every photo radiates happiness! Your priorities really shine through, making it a heartfelt and beautiful celebration. Cheers to a lifetime of love! 🥂