Wedding Part 3: The Ceremony

We're finally ready to talk about the actual wedding of it all! Today I'm sharing details on the ceremony + first look photos. For someone who was very into the planning process and all of the details, I surprised myself by wanting to keep things very simple for the ceremony. Jon felt the same way, but that was less surprising. In terms of the decor, it came down to budget in the end. As I mentioned, we tried really hard to keep our priorities in mind throughout the planning, and ceremony decor just did not feel like something worth spending a lot of money on. The room we got married in was gorgeous and at some point, while I was looking at aisle runners and seat decorations, I realized that the room was going to beautiful even without decorations. The only real decor we had was the arch, and that was very simple to plan. The venue provided the arch itself and the bouquets. We used fake flowers for the reception (more on that tomorrow), so really the only extra flowers we decided to pay for was the arch. I'll share some closeup photos in a details post this week, but I Dew Flowers (our florist who did both the bouquets and the arch flowers) absolutely killed it. Jessica was so sweet and she put these together just going off of a few inspirational photos that I showed her. I wanted really colorful flowers (they were much brighter in person) with lots of texture, and she just put together the most stunning arrangement. 

Details on the actual ceremony below!

First Look
There's not much to say about the first look, but we knew we wanted to do one so that we could do most of the photos before the ceremony. We did it in the ceremony room, and it was just such a relief to finally see Jon that day. I started getting very anxious earlier in the day, just about all of the details coming together and nerves about having to be in front of so many people, but I instantly felt calm once we were together. I can't imagine how much more stressed I would have been if we had waited until the ceremony to see each other. 

The Ceremony
One thing that Jon and I both felt very strongly about was having a short ceremony. Neither of us is religious, and none of the unity traditions had any meaning to us. We both had sat through some long ceremonies before, so we just wanted to have a meaningful few moments and then get to enjoying the night with everyone. Well, it ended up being even shorter than we imagined - in a good way! We had Jon's brother, Justin, officiate, and I think we were a little too adamant with him about wanting something short. He basically let us do our vows, exchange I Do's and the rings, and that was it.  I have to say, though, for being quick, I think we did a really good job of making it effective. Both Jon and I are writers by nature and I can't help toot our own horns here and say that we both killed it. I told Jon, in front of all of friends and family as witnesses, that I can't promise that I'll ever watch 24 with him. He wrote me an incredibly sweet poem that I'm pretty sure made everyone cry. I wouldn't know though. I was so nervous about everyone staring at me that I refused to look at anyone's face the entire time. 

This won't be the last time I do this, but I have to give a quick shoutout to our amazing coordinator, Callie. We were ahead of schedule the entire day, and most of that was due to Callie being so on top of everything and made sure everything ran smoothly. She also made sure we got water and food, plus made it a point to let us know that we were in control. We were ahead of schedule, but it was never that we HAD to move on to something. She always checked in to see if we wanted to move on to the next thing or spend more time on something. I don't know how my anxious self would have gotten through it all without her.

Tomorrow: getting into our VERY fun reception.


  1. Lovely! I felt the same way about a first look too. And luckily most wedding ceremonies I've been to have been short but meaningful which it sounds like yours was too. The way it should be. Love it!

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