That time I actually wore heels

I love dressing up, but I rarely have an excuse to. So, naturally, I made one up. In an attempt to make our last dinner together a memorable one, two of my friends and I decided to try a new restaurant and dress up for the occasion. I met Alena and Jessica my sophomore year of high school and we quickly dubbed ourselves (since the immediate response to making new friends when you're 15 or 16 is to give your group a name) the "fashion friends" because we were the only people we had met in high school who shared the same appreciation for fashion, or at least who shared good taste. They remain two of the best dressed people I know and two of the only ones who understand my five page long texts about fashion week twice a year. Jessica goes to school in the area, but Alena and I are both out-of-state so this was our last chance to hang out before we leave. On an unrelated note, they're both dead to me now that Jessica got a Balenciaga wallet for her birthday and Alena got....a PS1 bag. I cannot contain my anger.

Now that I'm done writing a hate love letter to my friends, let me get to this outfit. Oh, this outfit. I know I've said this about a lot of things (and will again in the future), but this is my new favorite outfit. Not only is this dress perfection (despite being a size too small, which I just ignore), but I actually found a pair of heels that I like and can safely walk in. Maybe it doesn't count since they're wedges, but I'm saying I own heels that I can walk in regardless. 

For any of my Orange County readers, we ate at The Crosby in downtown Santa Ana and I highly recommend it. Not only was the restaurant incredibly hip, the food was spectacular. I have found my heaven in their fries. Plus, they have a drink called the Marsellus Wallace. If I wasn't such a lame college student who didn't drink (or, you know, if I was a year older) I would've ordered it just for the Pulp Fiction reference. 

Dress: Nordstrom Rack
Belt: Vintage
Shoes and jacket: Bass outlet
Ring: L.A. boutique
Bag: Melie Bianco


  1. I love your dress, and I LOVE your wedges! You should wear them more often! Also, I don't even know these girls and I'm also slightly angry with them for getting goods from Balenciaga and Proenza Schouler. Really I'm kind of excited for them, but there's definitely some anger there, too. One day our designer handbags will come!

  2. You rock those heels! Also, uh yes Pulp Fiction! You are a girl after my own heart. Great movie!
    Much love,

  3. You look gorgeous! Such a cute dress! I love white dresses paired with brown shoes! So pretty xx

  4. Such a cute dress! I am in love with the collar and the gold belt is perfect!


  5. White dresses are always so pretty. It sounds like you and your friend had fun and were thick as thieves (where does that saying come from?) during high school and still today!

  6. such a pretty dress!! you look sooo beautiful! :)

  7. Love how vintage that bag looks and totally digging the jacket you chose to wear with your outfit!

    Chīsana Blogger

  8. I love that belt!!!
    and ooh, I would be so jealous if my friends had a PS1 or Balenciaga...but they aren't into fashion, so I don't have to worry about it

  9. Love the outfit! The perfect white dress to go with everything & heels that are both cute and comfy! I just looked all over for a comfy pair of wedges to bring on vacation with me in a neutral color but couldn't find anything I loved. I settled on a pair of nude nine west heels that I can *hopefully* at least make it down to the restaurant in- dancing will be a whole different story, but maybe a margarita will change that! (yeah, probably for the worse...)
    I also love the purse, so cute! Sounds like a great night with the fashion friends ;)
    xo Hannah

  10. this dress is so pretty! I love that you paired it with that gold belt!


  11. great outfit, as usual! love the belt and shoes! also, white summer dressies are always my fave.
    Oh, My

  12. So pretty and a lovely smile.

  13. such! cute! shoes! oh and i love that dress too - you are such a cute girl. and ohmygosh who gets balenciagas and PS bags for gifts?!?! super jealous. and wait - your shoes are from the bass outlet?!!? i want them. i may have to go check after work tomorrow

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

  14. I love the dress and how you styled it with that belt. What a great accessory to add to the look! :)

    » » »

  15. Very cute outfit, I will always love white and brown together, it's so goddess like. I find sometimes that when I have an actual occasion to dress up for I find it harder to get dressed! It's one of those times where I look through my overflowing closet and declare that I have nothing to wear.

    On another note, yes my jacket is possibly my current most worn item. I always bring it to work with me.

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  16. wow I was going to make a comment sort of like ' I love your bag and I love your shoes and I love your dress and I love your jacket' when I realised I love everything you're wearing! Quite insane, I keep saying I could steal your closet and I'd be the happiest person ever haha

    Drawing Dreaming

  17. Gorgeous! It's so fun to get dressed up sometimes. I almost never have the opportunity to wear heels either :)

    Life etc

  18. How many times and I gonna comment on a blog like "I love your white dress, and I desperately need one!" Well, at least one more time. I love your white dress, and I desperately need one! I love the cut of all of your dresses, they are so unique! Great wedges too. I bought some brown ones recently and have been pleasantly surprised by how much I can wear them. Love that story about you and your friends, ha. I'm part of a few friend groups, like the Core 4. No shame. Names make it better. Enjoy your last little bit at home! I know how that is, not doing that this year but I feel ya none the less!

    perfectly priya

  19. Great outfit dear!
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know please!

  20. Love this dress! If you ever do start to care about it being a size to small....I'll be happy to take it off your hands ;)

    Oh and a sober fist bump for you!! (it's a good thing to be a "lame" non-drinker:)


  21. im often the same, no where special to go, so i make things up. normally i go to work all dressed up and a bit ott for sitting at my desk but hey, we do what we must ;) love this white and tan. so so so so pretty! been loving all youre outfits lately. sorry i havent commented much, hate writing comments on my phone with stupid auto correct! :Dx