Don't be fooled by that smile on my face; it was positively freezing when I took these photos. Yes, that's snow on the ground you see, and yes, that's me in a skirt and no coat. Though it's since all melted, it did snow one day last week, something I was not prepared for. Even going on my fourth year living in the Midwest, I'm not sure my California-bred self will ever get fully used to the idea of winter. Sure, I've become a bit more adjusted to it than my friends and family back on the west coast are, but I'm still a wimp. I guess if there's one thing I should be used to by now, though, is that the Midwest has the most inconsistent weather. My first winter here (in 2010) there was a record-breaking blizzard that shut down my campus for two days. Then, the following year, there was barely any snow at all. Last year was probably a good mix between the two. It wasn't a terrible winter, but there was still snow on the ground until maybe a week or two before I went back home in May. I'm not really sure what this winter is going to be like, but I'm sure I'll still tough it out and stand in the freezing cold with no jacket while someone takes my picture. The things we do for blogging. 

As for the outfit, this another one that I ended up liking much more than I thought I would. I wasn't too excited about taking pictures in this one, but it grew on me. It's nothing too special, but a good showcase of my style (girly, yet practical?). The one thing I'm excited to show off, though, is this arrow ring that Loopsway sent me. It's no secret that I'm a big fan of dainty jewelry, and I'm always looking for more rings to add to my collection. This one adorable and a great piece to throw on every day, which I'm pretty sure I've done since I got it.

Also, in case you missed, be sure to check out my post below for a GIANT giveaway!

Fortunately, my rants about the weather will take a much different turn in less than a week when I finally get to go home for Thanksgiving break. This is always my longest stretch without going home, so I'm beyond excited. I can't wait for In N' Out, good frozen yogurt (there's a froyo place in town here that just isn't cutting it), and to see everyone I love. I've only seen my best friend, Whitney, for a total of two weeks out of this year (in June), which means I'm not going to let her leave my sight next week. Prepare for photo overload. 

Cardigan, top, skirt: Thrifted
Arrow ring: c/o Loopsway
Scalloped ring: Forever 21


  1. Your outfit is great, but those boots are perfection! *___*

  2. Hate to say but I was informed by a farmer I'm pretty sure has been homesteading his piece of land since he was a kid that "accordng to the almanac, it is going to be a harsh winter everywhere." I have no clue how they figure such things out but... there you go.

    I LOVE the subtle color story here- it is fun yet mature/grown up and brings out the highlights in your hair making it look a beautiful honey color. Also- rockin' boots!

  3. I LOVE this outfit! It's so cute and classy! I'd wear it in a heartbeat!

    Ladyface Blog

  4. There are so many times I just have to bite the bullet an brave the cold for an outfit post so I can definitely relate to the effort behind this post.
    That said, you look so adorable! The pleated skirt is so cute and the boots are a great touch :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  5. I love this look, it's simple and perfect!! The colours are so gorgeous together and that polka dot blouse is lovely!! We have really awful winters here, I've lived here my whole life and I don't know how used to it I even am. It's dreadful!!

  6. Love the wine & navy together, such a put together outfit!

    <3 Megan

  7. These colors are just perfect for fall/winter. You look SO cute!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. What a great thrifting find that skirt was! I love this color combo, I've been looking for a way to work navy into my fall wardrobe. The northeast is similarly unpredictable...I'm afraid I'll never get used to it!

  9. Oh, you should be excited about this outfit because you look great! The colour of your cardigan looks beautiful on you and those boots! I want them. I've been so thankful for the lack of snow so far here, 'cause I know it's coming and you're so right, it's hard to smile when you're freezing!

  10. ohh this color combo is so cute, and I loveee the boots here :D

  11. This is adorable! I think I might have that same (or similar) skirt in black. I love skater skirts!

  12. OMG you must've been freezing! Glad you braved the cold though because that outfit is great! Love the color of your cardi!
    Sincerely, Sara

  13. Ahahaha, ah, don't you love freezing your butt off taking outfit pictures? Such a dedicated lil blogger you are! :D but man, you look cute--I just adore that pleated navy skirt of yours!

    anyway, I am super glad that you sent me that e-mail. YOU ARE THE CUTEST EVER! Giveaway friends, awwww yess!

  14. SO cute! I have lots of those outfits, where I don't quite feel like photographing them, but then they grow on me. This is such a perfect go-to outfit, and the color of that cardigan is perfection!
    I wish we had snow. It'd be so much better than the rain that is currently drizzling every day. I hope you find good ways to stay warm!

  15. Dude this is an excellent outfit. Those pleats tho.


  16. that blouse is so good. you look positively freezing! it was 90 in austin on sunday and in the perfect mid-low 70s today, which is making it hard to wear all of my new fall items, but i'm not complaining too much. ;)

    xo nicole

  17. Love your outfit! It's adorable--and so are you! Haha, the cold is one of the things that keeps me from taking outfit photos as often as I'd's just too tempting to stay indoors in the warm.(:

    decked out in ruffles

  18. Yeaaaah, us bloggers do some crazy things in the name of blogging. Aha, I still remember tromping out in the snow last Christmas in a dress to get some pretty photos.
    Looove this shade of plum on you, it's gorgeous Elana :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  19. So glad you get to go home for a visit soon, I'm super excited that my fam is coming here next week. Now I want to try and thrift a cute pleated skirt like this, and I love your new arrow ring!
    xo Hannah

  20. Super cute, doll! LOVE the tougher boots with the girl outfit. :)


  21. These boots are probably the most scandalous thing I've ever seen you wear and I'm kind of jealous. They are perfect. Speaking of perfect, this is one of my favorite outfits of yours. The colors and cuts are absolutely wonderful and I feel like they work together flawlessly. Which is probably why you are wearing them. Also I love how happy you look even though I can imagine that Illinois wind slapping you in the face.

  22. I'm really in love with your maroon cardigan, I have red/maroon cardigans and sweaters on my wish list!

    Xo, Hannah

  23. really love the color of that cardigan!
    i'm a new reader to your blog :)


  24. You look so adorable - that skirt is just amazing and that top is just the perfect pairing! Hope that you stay warm - it has gotten cold on the east coast too now!


  25. You dress in such a feminine and pretty way! :) I like it so much!! Oh take outfit pictures while it's freezing? ahah I know how it "hurts" I've been there before as well ;)