Working Girl

Last week, I had the pleasure of working a blogging event for my internship with FAB Counsel. As I've mentioned before, I've been interning with FAB Counsel  a digital marketing firm  since the beginning of summer, and we've been gearing up for this event pretty much the entire time. The event, or the FABDILab, was a day-long blogging conference aimed toward helping new and aspiring bloggers find their niche, monetize their blogs, and network with each other and brands in attendance. There were 10 different bloggers and blogging experts who led workshops/seminars, and the day ended with a networking reception. Since my internship mostly consists of doing social media, I've spent the past month or so heavily working on promoting the event, and I was excited for the day to finally arrive after working toward it for so long. Unsurprisingly, the event went extremely well, and I absolutely loved having the responsibility of being in charge of the volunteers, live Tweeting and Instagramming the event, taking photos, and being on hand for anything else needed. The best part was that since I was in charge of the social media, I actually got to sit in on all of the workshops, and hearing some big name bloggers like Sazan and Jackie (both of whom were much funnier than I could have ever imagined) speak. I came away from it with some great advice and some new connections in the blogging world. The event also marked the end of my internship hours, which means that I'm pretty much done being an intern and working for free (hopefully). We'll see what I'll be doing next, but I'm looking forward to speaking with my boss about continuing my work with FAB Counsel this week because I really love what I've been doing. If I could create a job for myself, it would involve writing, social media, and working with bloggers, so it's basically perfect.

As you might have guessed, this is what I wore to the event. I found this dress a little while ago, and I had been saving it for the occasion. We all know that I have a weakness for white dresses, and I think I might have found the perfect LWD in this one. I also felt like an event like this called for a J. Crew statement necklace and some Hasbeens. You understand.

Everything else has been fairly uneventful since then to be honest. I've been working a lot at the restaurant, and I'm starting another exciting work-related project on the side that I'll share soon as well. Other than that, it's just been a lot of TV and hanging out with friends occasionally. I did have a fun day on Friday when I got coffee and went thrifting with my friend Alyssa during the day and then got waffle sandwiches and played Cards Against Humanity with my friends that night. You know me. I party hard on the weekends. 

Dress, sweater: TJ Maxx
Necklace: J. Crew Factory
Shoes: Swedish Hasbeens


  1. White is such a great color on you, and this dress is awesome. It sounds like a great event! Can't wait to hear about what's next for you. <3 Also... waffle sandwiches???!

    xox Sammi

  2. I'm totally in love with this outfit. You look amazing! And it really compliments your hair :) Congrats on your event, I was jealously stalking it on social media the entire time :)

    Ps- I'm looking up flight prices today :p


  3. I absolutely adore your outfit!! The white and cream are a pretty combo! This blogging conference sounds amazing! It's wonderful when you get to go to fun works events (I go to them all the time for my job)!

  4. Wow - I love everything about this outfit (the cardigan is totally gorgeous - I adore the crochet back) - and the shoes! OMG the shoes! :D

    Idealism never goes out of fashion

  5. Congrats on the successful event; all your hard work paid off! I truly hope you are able to continue working with this company- or are able to find a job in a similar line of work soon!

    This is a perfect LWD- and the cream and white contrast is unexpected yet totally works.

  6. you look amazing in white! I love this whole outfit, and the red lips, and that necklace! You look gorgeous! And what an amazing experience, how fun to be able to be a part of FABDILab!

  7. Sounds like such a cool event and fabulous experience for yourself! I hope the talk with your boss goes well and they can figure out a postion for you because it seems like the perfect fit! I love your cardigan, too.


  8. I am still sad I missed the blogging event :(. But I'm so glad it went well! You look so perfect in that white dress, and those Hasbeens, LOVE. I still need to get my hands on a pair. It sounds like you worked pretty hard to make the event successful and I'm sure your efforts will pay off. I hope you can get a job with them!

    xo, Serli

  9. What the heck is a waffle sandwich and why I have I never had one??? You chose the perfect look for the event, I love the simple colors with fun details. I'm still dying for those shoes! I recently got a black peep toe pair on a super sale but I feel like they are not satisfying me in the way the t-straps would- haha :)

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