1 Dress 3 Ways with May 68

Ya'll know I love a good remix (side note: is it weird that I like typing "ya'll", but I've never said that in real life?). I've been eyeing May 68's dresses for forever, so I jumped at the chance to work with them. May 68 is an independent brand who designs and makes all of their clothing in Los Angeles. Their clothes are sweet retro pieces, and they never shy away from a good Peter Pan collar or bow. That's not even to mention that they created the SSDGM dress that Georgia Hardstark wore. So to recap: locally made, vintage-inspired pieces designed by murderinos. 

And did I mention that this dress has pockets? 


The moment May 68 released their new spring line, I've had my eye on this Patsie dress with its sweet bow. It's such a versatile piece that I couldn't decide on just one way to style it, so instead, I figured why choose just one? There's nothing I love more than showing how easily an item can be transformed so here are three ways to style this dress. 

Outfit 1
Dress: c/o May 68 | Shoes: Bettie Page via Unique Vintage | Earrings: Modcloth | Purse: purchased from a boutique in Balboa Island

I, of course, had to plan one outfit that showcases this dress on its own. It's such a fun, '60s inspired pieces so I loved the idea of pairing it with my vintage cat-eyes and some colorful earrings. The great thing about this shade of pink is that so many colors pair well with it, and I loved how the green of the earrings popped against it. I also picked up this woven bag from a little store near the beach in Balboa Island, and I'm kind of obsessed with how it pairs with this dress. 

Outfit 2
Dress: c/o May 68 | Skirt: Unique Vintage | Shoes: BAIT Footwear

If you've followed me for a while, you already know my #1 trick to transforming a dress - wear it as a top. This dress has a really subtle cut at the waist so it works perfectly as a top. I think I might actually like this paired with my constellation skirt better than any of my actual tops. That bow is just too dang adorable. 

Outfit 3
Dress: c/o May 68 | Cardigan and purse: Thrifted | Shoes: Modcloth

Lastly, I wanted to do one look that was just a little bit more casual. My version of casual is much different than everyone else's (I wore the first outfit in this post to the grocery store and to hang out with my family), but I wanted to put something together that was slightly less dressed up. Belting the dress made it feel a little bit more "every day," and I added a cardigan and headband. Instantly, this dress felt like something I could just throw on.

Honestly, I probably could have put together 2-3 more outfits, but now I'm just extra excited to style this dress again. 

Note: I was gifted this dress, but all opinions and the concept for this post were entirely my own. 

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  1. You are adorable and I love remix posts. So glad you did this and I miss when it was more common to show remixes.