One Piece, Four Ways: Hello Cheeseburger Necklace

Welcome to another installment of "One Piece, Four Ways," where I show you four new ways to wear one item. When I was first going through items I own that would work well in this series, I knew I eventually wanted to do one with a necklace. I have a couple of pieces that I wanted to do this with at some point in the future, but once I talked with Jennifer of Hello Cheeseburger about styling a piece of jewelry, I knew that this would be the perfect opportunity. 

The moment I discovered Hello Cheeseburger, it was instantly added to my list of bookmarked sites that I drool over on a daily basis. The site has a wonderful mix of statement pieces and everyday jewelry, all of which are unique. I had a hard time choosing between the adorable options of necklaces that Jennifer gave me, but I loved how interesting this piece was while also being completely different from anything I already own. While I hope you all enjoy the four ways I styled the necklace here, don't expect this to be the last time you see it. Four ways were not enough.

Piece: Angled necklace c/o Hello Cheeseburger
Cost: Retails for $20.00

1. This was the very first way I envisioned styling the necklace, and it may just be my favorite. This statement piece is perfect under a collar and I loved the texture of this necklace against the gingham shirt. It was the perfect way to dress it up.

2. I wanted to do something a little lighter and airy-er (yes, I know it's not a word. No, I don't care.) for this ensemble. On went the crochet crop top, mint chiffon dress, and brown wedges for a more dressed up look. Part of the reason I was drawn to this necklace was the possibility of dressing it up or down with ease. I could easily wear this outfit with flats or sandals for more casual occasions, but the additions of the necklace and wedges make it much better suited for a night out or dinner party. Neither of which are things I get invited to, but that's besides the point.

3. With a white and gold necklace, it was my first instinct to use it as a neutral accessory paired with more colorful clothing. However, I also wanted to do a look with color similar to the necklace. Of course, I couldn't resist from adding a little bit of color and slipped on my peach oxfords to finish the look.

4. The dreaded T-shirt. This is the first time I've ever worn one on the blog and the first time I've worn one that wasn't meant for bed or for work in probably years. They're not my thing and they probably never will be. That said, I'm always up for a challenge. While I couldn't bring myself to wear anything on my bottom half other than a skirt, I was really interested in seeing how this necklace could dress up a T-shirt. What do you know, I actually liked it. This was a fantastic way to dress up an article of clothing that I've been so determined to avoid. A good piece of jewelry can do that to a girl.

Which look is your favorite? And how would you style this Hello Cheeseburger necklace?


  1. I like this. It can be hard to wear statement necklaces in a lot of different ways, so it was a good choice for this series. You look fantastic. My favorite is the second one, but all are cute!

  2. I love (and so needed) this post! I have a lot of statement necklaces but am at lost at how to wear them! Thanks for the inspiration Elana :)

  3. That necklace is so pretty and I love how you styled it! These outfits are so cute!

  4. I love a great statement necklace but always feel like it is too obvious when I wear it over and over, but you've given me some ideas about the pieces I have that make it a subtle touch to some outfits! Thanks!


  5. This statement necklace is GORGEOUS! Love how you paired it with such different outfits!

    Xo, Hannah

  6. This is a fantastic post!!! I love the necklace, it's such a gorgeous piece and looks perfect with every look. I think the second one is my favourite!!

  7. This is such a fun post! I really love that last look especially - that necklace really makes the T-shirt pop! Adorable!


  8. That necklace is gorgeous! I love they way you styled it with each outfit. My favorite is the necklace peeking out from under the collar of that darling gingham blouse. Lady, you are just the cutest!

    Ladyface Blog

  9. The very name, Hello Cheeseburger makes this shop 10x more appealing :)
    I love this statement necklace everytime you wore it! The second outfit is by far my fave. The crochet top and teal/mint dress is just so pretty <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  10. That necklace is so cute! I love each of the ways you styled it!(:

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  11. What a versatile necklace. I love everything that you chose to style it with. As always Elana, your smile has brightened my day :) I hope you had a beautiful weekend and cheers to a new week!

    xo, Alyssa

  12. So cute! you could basically wear that necklace with everything, haha :)

  13. love the necklace! i am getting more into statement jewelry lately, can't wait to invest in a few pieces. i especially like wearing them with collared shirts, like you did in the first look! xoxo


  14. really great necklace! I love the first and third look :)

  15. Your smile is so contagious. I feel happier each time I go to your blog.

    That necklace is amazing. It has the bohemian/chic style that I always adore. I just visited Jessica's blog & saw that she did the whole "T-shirt/skirt" thing, so it gave me more inspiration to try it myself!


  16. I love this! A necklace that versatile is a keeper. I didn't even notice it was the necklace you were remixing, but I really like it.

  17. So I have literally been living in statement necklaces + basics this summer since I am trying to spend very very little on clothing, so this was the perfect remix for me to see!! I've pretty much been wearing a t-shirt/necklace every day, so not really too special. But I actually love the simple combo! And I love look #4 especially! It looks very effortless but still so pretty. Definitely gonna try out #1 because I love it under the collar like that too.

    I think it's so funny that the shop is called Hello Cheeseburger even though it's a gorgeous, classy looking necklace!

    perfectly priya